Kingdom Hearts .. Best Video Game Series Ever?


Do You Think Kingdom Hearts Series is one of the best and most thought out series … or not?


nah dude, not compared to final fantasy games


I Enjoy Both But Kingdom Hearts’ One Story Is Better Than All Stories Told In FF In My Opinion


No. They should figure out what they want to do with the story, stop releasing all these damn side games, and release KH3 already.

Also, there’s a KH thread already.


Thats True But Still…


It’s a good series. But imo they ruined the story after the first game.

The gameplay is good, and I am proud to own the games. But best series ever? I think not.


It is a good game Lets all be glad kh3 is the next game in the series


nah dude, no way, not only does the kingdom hearts story have unoriginal characters and stolen plot lines but its also very cheesy I couldnt play the game after the first one because it seemed dum in comparison to the seriousness and emotion filled final fantasy games they absorbed when they put fresh characters like Sora who talks like a child…


but thats just me, im not to big fan of disney though… if your into that peter pan stuff then I suppose this game could seem pretty epic, im not going to lie, I think the cross over thing between final fantasy and disney is an abomination… but then again the game I main right now is fucking marvel versus capcom does that cross over make any sense??? (im not into it for the story though…)


I’d enjoy KH’s story more if it was well written and not garbage. As it is neither of those things, meh.

Also, while I realize the KH thread I started way back when I cared probably needs to die and be restarted, this isn’t the way.

EDIT - On the notion that “it’s not as good as Final Fantasy”: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha good one.

EDIT 2 - Disney characters and especially villains shit all over anything Square-Enix could muster.


kh1 was abit chessy but every game after that did have a matured cast and a more serious tone


I disagree. Every game after is where the story went so horribly wrong.

The first game was simple and clean. The protagnist was a kid, the themes were innocent, and the cross over between disney and FF worked because of this.

In the sequels, the series went into a dark closet, bumped it’s head, and forgot it wasn’t The Matrix.


Hmmmm…??? That just Blew My Mind MAN




What about Mario or Zelda?


Kingdom hearts is the shit fuck the haters.


LOL I See What You Did There …


Metal slug Series > KH series…




Not the best ever but fantastic nonetheless.