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what does “#Reload” mean anyways and why is there a “#”.


It’s a play on Guilty Gear #Reloaded/.

Oh man, the Gummi Ships are still in.


Thats bad ass and all but why did you put #Reload/ ? :confused:


Ohhh I was wondering if there was a thread like this.

First off, no, I haven’t played KH yet, but I plan to before KH2. What I really want to know though is that since there are special appearances from other square games (from FF and maybe more?), I was just wondering which games so I can play them and at least get familiar with them. I feel it’d be more sastisfying if I knew where they came from first.


Protip- Maybe he put that in the title to specify that there have been more then one Kingdom Hearts threads!


Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and X.


Do I have to play Chain of Memories to get KH2? I hope not cause I can’t sit down and play a GBA very long.


No, you don’t. The KH:CoM storyline was written after the KH2 storyline, but it does bridge the gap between KH and KH2.


I figured it would be something like that. Crap, I’ve gotta get on that.

I didn’t know about Final Mix. I want it!!!


:rofl: @ this. “Protip” haha that’s awesome! :tup:

You really don’t have to play anything; the characters from other Final Fantasy games have different backstories in KH (and in some cases are 10x better/cooler/more badass, like Squall), so knowing them in their original state isn’t too necessary.

But if you still wanna, then, ya, like Lantis said, 7, 8, and 10.

You don’t (and, take it from someone who’s played through it, it isn’t particularly good as far as actual gameplay goes, despite the still kickass story), but at least find the storyline spoilers on it and read up; some of the characters introduced, like Axel and Namine, are set to become important later, plus you’ll find out what happened to Riku.



If the storyline rocks then I’ll have to play it. I have so many RPGs though. :sad:


…Your not the only one. This goes for me as well…


Alrighty, but don’t say I didn’t warn you! :xeye:


Am I the only one who likes the gameplay in CoM? Why do so many people say it sucks?


besides the bosses, those regular heartless battles are so repetitive and boring… I play it before I sleep so it can put me to sleep


I liked it. Customizing your deck is fun stuff.

A worthwhile KH-related link I feel should be included is…

Along with an army of KH fans, I convinced them to make the long black raincoats that can be see in CoM, KH2, and the special endings to KH. They spawned a hoodie styled off of that coat as well. Very pricey, but damn cool. I’ll get one as soon as I have any spare money that isn’t going towards bills/Street Fighter action figures.


Im so pumped for KH2. The first one blew me away, such a masterpiece in every way possible, and Ive played MANY rpg’s. Anyone that hasnt played this, all I can say to you is get it now. Im glad this is gonna be one of Square-Enix’s three main series to be focused on. (With Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest as the other two.)


KH2 is gonna own. Sora’s got insane tricks in that game, and Auron’s in this one. From the looks of it, he’s about to pimp smack Hades, Cerberus and anyone who gets involved (that means you, Herc). Auron’s da man.

P.S. I <3 Namine, she’s the truth. Much more interesting than ol’ Kairi (although I sense they’ll fix that in the sequel).


Re: CoM - I hated the gameplay. I found nothing really fun about it; mash heartless to death, mash bosses to death until they start getting tough (somewhere around Darkside), take down the real tough bosses with zeroes until they have no cards to defend themselves with, then mash. Riku’s story, while more entertaining, wasn’t much different. That’s my reason for disliking it, despite the intriguing story and my love for all things Kingdom Hearts.

Re: Namine - (POTENTIAL SPOILERS) Funny you mention her and Kairi, considering their… relationship… (END POTENTIAL SPOILERS); I liked her too, but I gotta say she seemed too calm and collected for the situation the Organization put her in during CoM.

Re: KH2 - I’m psyched; it’s easily the one game above all others I’ve waiting for this year. As long as that new playable character doesn’t become KH2’s Raiden, and as long as there’s selectable difficulty and Expert is tougher than it was in KH1, I’ll be in heaven for however long it takes me to get bored of the game. :tup: