KingKong_Cihan - Strange Playstyle

Just thought I’d bring this guys vids up for discussion. He uses a tonne of focuses, seems to be fairly successful, in theory it shouldn’t be that hard to blow it up with neutral jumps and all other sorts?

I like it. Someone posted a video of this Ryu player on the Video threads and I took notice. But I don’t know that I’d characterize this person as “Strange”, they maintain a really pressure heavy Ryu and keep the mix up consistent enough to really throw off the opponent.

Check this:

Go to the last game on the video at 06:58 (I can’t figure how to post a time stamped video on SRK)

I’m not saying this is the greatest example but at the end of the second round they do five, Five overheads in a row. Who expects that? Earlier in the same video they do three uppercuts in a row before the Rose player finally blocks . . . good stuff. A lot of pressure and not being predictable, that’s what I get from them.

Terrible risk reward and tons of very punishable stuff. Judging from his points, he probably plays solid, but highlights matches he decides to yolo all in. The kind of play you see in the videos is turtle bait. Many characters can ultra the constant lvl2 focuses on reaction, max punish light tatsu approaches (-6 on block, worse on whiff), block out the random (predictive shoryukens) and more. For online free matches, you can get away with that kind of stuff, tournaments will rarely see this kind of play as pool play is mainly a sea of solid boring play. The risk/reward will always get this kind of play eliminated. Exciting play is fine for entertainment, but won’t get you far competitively. Ray Ray said it best on a marvel stream, he said something to the point of, “people like bad marvel because fights that are played right are boring.”

You can see what I am talking about in my second sentence in the first fight with the guy player. He goes nutty at first, but as the guy player starts a comeback, he regresses to very solid play. The “strange” playstyle you guys are talking about is an illusion. He a solid player that is simply taking advantage of people predicting his solid play and getting blown up of off the playstyle change and/or he is taking advantage of a lack of opponent competence. In general, when fighting competent opponents, Kong is a standard boring Ryu player like the rest of us…
Video I’m referencing:

That all makes complete sense, I knew it all to a degree but it were the smaller details that I was getting confused on which you’ve enlightened them for me. I was just unsure how he was getting away with such play and had such high points, but the points you’ve made make sense.

I have yet to play him, but I do know him. He’s a german player and pretty much a newcomer. From what I can tell, he’s not really being taken seriously at all though. Many make fun of him.

What are they making fun of?

He specifically only selects and uploads matches where he wins by a large margin against inferior opponents, using ridiculously inpractical combos to show off. He makes videos of personal cool moments glorifying himself. He constantly wastes meter for no reason. I could go on, but I think you’re seeing where this is going. The subtext of his whole online presence/videography is being one big pseudo-showoff and I’m quite surprised you’re having trouble with interpreting it.
I’m actually cringing at the fact that we’re even discussing him here. How about making a thread on Naruos godlike Ryu instead?

Well, I did notice that there was a pretty risky style he was employing, not to mention the excessive meter burn and use of Ultra and Super at times where the scaling would do anemic damage. I didn’t watch a ton of his videos just enough to think he seemed pretty random, definitely not enough to get the impression that he was show boating and doing all of the above on relatively inferior opponents.

I guess part of the reason that I thought he had something good going on in the video of his that I watched was that when I play Ryu I tend to be really boring and more or less predictable, and seeing players that just go absolutely HAM makes me think how I almost never do, but how if I were to go nuts I’d probably be benefited by it because it would throw off my opponent entirely, at least when compared to how I play nine times out of ten. So it was just seeing that style in a video that got me thinking of some of the things Kong does that I might do as well when it seemed appropriate, or rather, totally inappropriate. Part of my over arching issue in Street Fighter 4 is employing that random ‘factor’ into my game, so seeing that element in this guys video probably had me fixated on it a bit, I was ignoring the things you and @Finkledoodoo pointed out because of that fixation.

I didn’t make this thread; but I’m always game to see a different style of Ryu player, and what people think is good or bad in that player’s style and approach to matches. I’ve only seen a couple of Naruo’s matches, I don’t recall anything specific from his play style to remark on. I actually thought this thread was a bit of space waste seeing as Kong himself (I think) added video to the Ryu Video thread just a couple of days back, you’d think this whole thread could have just been relegated to that stickied thread, or maybe the Ryu Q&A.

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LOL you call me a newcomer , i play this Game over 2000 hours with Ryu

Are you stupid??? You call Peopel like IND omh , super_ike and another strong players on his Video inferior opponents? It is Great stuff, he do 2 Stuns in 1 Match vs Peopel with hight pp ,Bp.

Yo, throw up some of that technology bro. I’d like to see the buttons and theory behind the madness.

My Englisch is to bad to Explain that. New Video :stuck_out_tongue:

would =p rather watch this lame boring ryu

Agree with @SoMad. The YOLO Ryu player is funny but get real. Online play is not even close to tournament play (or offline play in general.) You will never win a tournament with that amount of risk taking, especially with how weak Ultra Ryu is. :-/ And yeah, show us the tech cause I’d guess you’re just mashing. If it hits, you’re like yay, if it doesn’t you just keep throwing something out.

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Yeah, i am just a online fighter, but my Ryu Rushdown works vs 3000-4000 + pp Peopel .
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