King's best wakeup moves?

Besides using a super as a wakeup, what can King do when she’s getting rushed down to get out of it?

I have a lot of trouble once a player good with Morrigan starts the rush-down, it’s very difficult to get out of it unless I have meter, and even then I have to guess the correct side to do the super.

A couple times I’ve used her DP+K on wakeup and it’s worked out well, but I only used it a few times. Is this move like Kyo’s DP+P where it has no frames of invincibility but is good enough to trade hits with someone, so you can get some space?

I didn’t think King had a wake-up, but I could be wrong. YOU USE KING?! I didn’t think anyone used her, she a good meter builder. I give you props on using low tier. LOW TIERS ARE GOOD!!!

I use some lower tier characters, but I’m still not that good of a player.

I really like King’s moves, so I use her. Even though she doesn’t do a lot of damage, and tends to get beat down, I still am able to do fairly well against most of the people I play. :slight_smile: I do have a 22-hit R2 7766-damage P-Groove combo for King though. :slight_smile:

Anyone else know a good way to get out of the rushdown?

Check out my King threads.

She really doesn’t have many options, to be honest.

I’ve read most of the threads in the King section, and I haven’t really seen much of anything on wake-ups, that’s why I posted this thread… I’ll browse through 'em again though.

Ah well, even if she doesn’t have many options, I just dig her style, so I’ll keep using her. :slight_smile:

For wakeup, I generally try to do RC Surprise Rose.

RC Trap Shot probably wouldn’t be bad either.

Wake up roll cancels are pretty hard to land in imo, not a very effective wake up… it would require you to be able ot wakeup-roll through the move they are doing, which doesn’t happen unless they miss time something…

As far as the regular moves go tournado kick works actually decently… but only against morrigan flying rush.

I didn’t post this fact originally, but I’m playing on the Xbox, so I don’t have the ability to Roll Cancel. :slight_smile: I haven’t tried a wake-up Tornado Kick, but I have done the DP+K on wakeup and it doesn’t work very well.

Seems that King got real screwed when it comes to the priority of her moves, even specials.

That’s why she’s low tier.