King's BnB's....



Anyone got any bnb combos for king?


c. lk, standing lk , trap shot

short, short, level 1 repeated trap shot super

short, short, level 2 repeated trap shot into hk trap shot before she jumps into the air.

that’s all i know sorry if that’s not alot of help.


the one into lvl2 is alright, don’t do the lvl1 one though because of the very sucky damage. On some thinner characters it only hits once for a very unsafe silly looking combo.

try these too:
cr.lk3 xx hcb+mk
2 xx qcf*2+hk


thanks higher jin and zenfire all these threads about CC’s and no BnB’s u know? these should come in handy cuz im in a groove for her and her supers arnt really effective in it everyone knows that lol aight if u guys got anymore dont hog em share em thx!!!


Well, since we’re on the subject, I might as well share some more:

This one is easy to hitconfirm and you don’t have to be right next to them
Counterhit c.lp, xx qcb+hp (2 frame link)

This one can be done without counterhit but it’s a 1 frame link in that case.
Counterhit c.lp, xx rdp+hk (3 frame link)

Not so practical without a setup, but very nice style points and definitely worth it in the corner:
meaty, xx qcb+hp

you can do meaty -> for more damage but I HATE the timing on that, it’s deceptively slow.

Not really a BnB but in any groove with low jump you can:
with meter = smalljump hk, qcb*2+k
without meter = smalljump hk, dp+hk

They’re not really your standard BnB’s that start on the ground. You can see that jumpin is gonna hit if they stick something out, so it’s confirmable.


kings best bnb: roll > throw :tup:



well guys lets kick it up a knotch or however u spell that word but lets bring it a lil bit harder combos for like amatuers like jump in combos and other crap corner combos and such like…

corner only: (lk) trap (lk) surprise rose

i think that connects i know a stand trap shot to surprise rose in the corner aight guys im off to VEGAS NOW :clap: so lates guys email me for other crap if u want

P.S.xX Dues Xx dint u go to the Long Beach tourney like on the 12th i think lates guys


got my ass whoopd n LV doing that i playd yamazaki so lets start going into pros and con’s agnst her match ups


yeah i was in the LB tourney. k-geese/cammy/sagat2. took 3rd.


The lvl 2 trapshot super cancel is qcb*2+mk, on her way down, do an early hk trapshot (literally cancel her landing animation). It definitely connects, you get that little bit more damage out of her super that way instead of canceling before she jumps.

In the corner:
rdp+k or qcb+p, dp+k

Pressure string: c lk*2, hcb+lk


thats nice man good job did u play albert? fuck dat guys good i wish i was good at a fighting game cvs2 seems easier then marvel bcz of da speed lol

P.S. lets try to get more posts guys i would if i new how to use this gurl but im just learning

oh and i have a question if sumones jus poking and grabbing if u roll for instance (yamazaki) can u do like a trap shot to hit there poke or a venom strik surprise rose anything usful?


[personal opinion]
I’ma come straight out and say it: King sucks. She has very little going for her. That being said, there’s no shame in abusing the roll.

Roll into throw or any combo is good. There’s five things I do with King which comprise my main gameplan:
-AA with to keep them grounded
-Venom strike from far to punish both roll or jump
-Slide (df+hk) vs jigglers and inside the range where a Venom Strike is punishable on reaction
-smalljump hk -> qcb*2+k / dp+hk (I play N-King)
-Semi-randomly roll through expected FB’s and pokes

Other than that I love to do the following whenever I get the urge or it seems to be working well:
-empty smalljump into*3 xx hcb+mk (I’m sorry but this combo looks soooo badass) Obviously only works on standing characters, but that’s what the empty lowjump is for
-meaty, xx qcb+hp as noted in my earlier post
-when cornored and knocked down I do a level1 trapshot super, the point is that it is invincible up til the last startup frame, which means you will beat most meaty attacks but it’s actually even cooler if you trade with a late move that does NOT knockdown. It’s cool because you get reset and pushed back but since you’re in the corner you’re sitll right next to the other guy. If anyone’s seen the super you’ll know that it has NO pushback on the person being hit. This creates the possobility to EASILY combo after the trade. I’m very proud of this trick, found it myself thanks to the CVS2 framedata book. © 2005 ZenFire



This is sum nice shit going on here i like da way u play 2 zenfire keep the opponent grounded n shit imma use dat strat from now on thx guyz lets keep dis thread going… :clap:


is it me or does kings roll suck its to slow and its weird and u can get grabbd easily imo

p.s. im only putting this cuz im bord


It does not suck and being bored is no reason to post crap. Sorry, I get ornory when ppl post such easily disprovable things. If you think rolls in general stink, then that’s a different story. But King’s roll is tied for best in game if you don’t consider the distance rolled. I actually like it better because it doesn’t move forward so much making it more like a sidestep. All rolls are equally throwable. If you’re getting thrown much then you’re picking the wrong times to roll.

If anyone cares to see the trading lvl1 super corner trick, it’s on this little page I made: NoCOMP


dats very true im more of a k-groover tho and i dont really like to roll but like wen i pick a groove i pick sakura king and mai mais and sak’s rolls are good but theres like sumthin weird bout kings mayb its the way she rolls she does that hand stand thing cart wheel shes good in all wit roll cancel trap shot that works very good well this thread should keep goin imo well im out guys late…

P.S. i like ur first vid with king starting in the corner damn ur quick on reaction’s and shit nice way to combo in N-Groove i usually c a-groove kings lol late


ZenFire, that lvl 1 trapshot stuff is too good. :clap:

Actually, that vid has a lot of the combos you see King do, generally.

Only thing I’d say is that her poke is s lk, and her c hp is also an AA, which should be used in certain situations (i.e., vs dive kicks or someone with long diagonal kicks). Priority on it isn’t great, but it puts ur character farther away from ur hitbox so you won’t get stuffed as easily (trades are more common tho).


i cant connect anything from unless its a qcb or a qcf combo for instance ( hcb hk) i know only on standing char.'s but i cant seem to even connect anything can u guys connect anything from mirage kick? (qcb a/p a= any p=punch)
thx in advance


Just roll the joystick in a hcb motion for the final and hit the button as you pass through the down position:

:d:+:lk: :d:+:lk: :r::df::d:+:lk::db::l:+:mk:

At least I think that’s what you mean. And about “connecting something from the mirage kick”… could you repeat the question?

Glad you guys like the clip. :party:


yea i wanna know if u can connect mirage kick in a combo like qcb.lp or anything?

so connecting hcb mk i do like a whiff reverse qcf? cuz wen im sagat i whiff my qcb’s for his specials cuz his qcb lk doesnt do anything right? well u go qcb lk then another qcb lk then special is activated u mean sumthing like dat thx in advance