Kingsman: The Golden Circle -Sept. 22, 2017


-Eggsy and Merlin team up with the american branch of Kingsman, known as statesman.
One of them will be played by Halle Berry.

-Julianne Moore will play the villain

Tentative Release: September 29,2017

Vaughn is returning to direct, which would be a first as he’s never directed a sequel to one of his previous movies.
Let’s hope this doesn’t change!




Halle berry in the movie, and julian moore as the villain. UHHHHH. I love me some julian moore, so im fine with that. I just dont like halle berry. lol. Not that shes a terrible actor. Its just, as soon as you put her in your movie, you know its about to be complete shit.

The last good movie halle was in was monster ball, and swordfish was very entertaining. Shes a curse to your movie usually though. Have a feeling theyre gonna pg13 this movie now, and not be bold enough to have lines in it like the first one, where shorty says he can fuck her in the ass for saving her.



That church scene was too good.


I just want to see more of Colin Firth’s Galahad, even if it’s just in a flashback or two.


You didn’t like gothika?


Fuck yes, hope it turns out as good as the 1st.

“Mr Tiddles here reminds me of that every time I take a shit!”

Fucking godlike.


Oh Fuck Yeah.

This movie was such a pleasant surprise for me.


Here’s to more ass-fucking


I was not expecting a sequel at all. This is great news for me.


Man this tease…



Channing Tatum has revealed that he, too, has joined The Golden Circle cast with the below tweet! It is unknown which character he is playing at this point.\


Elton John to join Kingsman 2.


I hope he’s the villain.


I am eager to see this, really liked the first one but I have no idea if they will ever match the rawness of that Church riot/massacre scene.


wasnt it confirmed it was a woman villain. elton john is prob gonna be head of whatevers left of the uk branch.


When I think “raw” and “kingsman” the church scene isn’t the first thing that comes to my mind (unless of course the princess brought along some vaseline with her).


Julianne Moore s playing the villain. I have it in the original post.


That first tease is fucking godlike tuggin’ on my heart strings.

The second one has me hopeful of finally getting an on-screen death for Duke.