Kinjirareta Ai: A story of romance and rivalry

I’m venturing into a very, very, VERY unpopular realm for a Street Fighter fanfiction…shounen-ai. My fanfiction, or at least the first part of it, centers around a young Japanese man named Hayao, and chronicles his romance with Third Strike’s resident emo boy, Remy.
The story unfolds from there, with Elena hooking up with SFEX’s Nanase, then Gill ditching his god-king schtick to settle down with Cammy. Somewhere along the rail, Urien merges with what’s left of Bison, and Hayao, Remy, Elena, Nanase, Cammy, and Gill have to train with Oro AND enlist Gouki’s help to stop him.
It’s on, under the penname Ogino Miyuki and the story titled Kinjirareta Ai: Discovery. Check it out if you want.