Kinkos refuses to print

anyone else have problems with kinko’s refusing to print artwork, saying its copywrited?

yup, take it to staples or local print store

I remember hearing someone say something about some kind of waiver you could request at one point. It was basically something you sign that says that Kinko’s cannot be held liable if you get in trouble for your print.

Just go to somewhere else such as a Staples, Office Max, Office Depot, or a mom and pop store. Kinko’s gave me problems too before and I never returned there.

While it sucks, they are perfectly within their right to deny you printing. It IS technically illegal to print off artworks with copyrighted stuff in em.

What size should I print the template out? (its for a TE)

I want to take it to a staples this weekend.

Thanks, Mike

Go to a real printing place. Not a McPrinting place.