Kinnikuman: Muscle Grand Prix 2(PS2 port on the way)


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Huge fan of Kinnikuman and I liked the first game. Heard that two fixed alot of control and gameplay issues in the first as well as added to the system, so I figured I’d make a topic on shoryuken.

It has a bit of a tourney following in japan as well.

Yay Too bad the Kinnikuman series died in America :frowning:

the crew over at has been salivating at the teet for this game ever since the rumor of the first game came out. if there was ever a crowd that knows a lot about this game and the first one, it’s superking and festival6667. I personally myself enjoyed the first MGP and had to part ways with it, as with many other fighting games, but now I have my ol’ modded ps2 I am willing to buy this game. The forum link is in my signature, follow up if you’re interested.

You’re insinuating a USA release?

Awesome. I’ll be sure to check out those boards.

One thing that I’m begging for in this game is a decent Training Mode though.

Even though it’s still a wrestling game at heart, I’d still like to be able to practice my inputs for longer than the opponent’s health bar holds out.

No. lol

With the PS2 port, people outside of Japan can import and play it. As the only way to play before was in a Japanese arcade.

After Galactic Wrestling bombed, I don’t think we’re ever going to see another Kinnikuman game stateside. Especially based off the original series.

and especially with arcade inputs.

Was it ever alive?

In my heart it was. Seeing a Kinnikubuster was like D: for me and this was on FoxBox. Also the New Generations vs Legends was so fun for me <3.


I have to admit, that was actually how I got into the series.

Watched the Nisei dub on Foxbox every saturday.

I still have the New Generations Gamecube game(I think it’s the only one I own). Crazy fun.

Pandaman was my favorite to use.

Was a pretty cool surprise to find out later that he was created by the author of One Piece, which is another shounen favorite of mine.

but despite how much I liked it a few years ago, I don’t think it was ever popular. as it got canned no later than it ended.(No re-runs ever)

Actually it did do a few reruns.
And no it was never really alive in america, but this is due in part to lack of good tie ins (the toys took months to hit shelves and didn’t stay there long) and promotions.

Anywho this game will rock my socks off unless they somehow monstrously fuck it up.

Oh snapple. I saw some ridiculously stupid juggle stuff in one of those videos. Too hot. Thanks for posting up the links.

Akuma Shogun is a professional assbeater

Great Match though.

Waiting for my account to get approved on Guardcrush. Was looking through their vid section last night but now the whole MGP2 section has disappeared for me.

They have links to alot of good Ko-Hatsu tourney matches and a nice basic rundown of the new system(was wondering about the new inner fire system. I noticed the free supers but I didn’t notice that there were two other modes besides that.)

Has anyone figured out how to play the psp version of Muscle Generation?

Tier list pulled from the JBBS(Thanks to Superking on

Not sure if it’s accurate, but it’s interesting

S Akuma Shogun, Mountain, Super Phoenix
A+ Ashuraman, Snigator, Springman, Check Mate, Ramenman, Warsman, Soldier, Sunshine
A Blocken Jr, Zebra, Mantaro, Pentagon, Barrierfreeman, Kevin, Junkman, Robin, Ilioukhine, Mr. Carmen
B+ Geronimo, Terry the Kid, Neptuneman, Mariposa, Jade, Terryman, Kinnikuman, Blackhole, Buffaloman
B Bigbody, Stecasseking, Wolfman, Big the Budo, Scarface, Benkiman
C Ninja, Atlantis, Planetman

Im kinda surprised the mountain is that high up there, sure he’s got insane damage but it was mostly meter dependent, unlike Phoenix/Shogun.

^You build meter fast in this game. Notice how much you gain when you get hit by a long combo. : )

Is that the old tier list or something? I swear I remember Ashuraman switching places with Akuma Shogun…

any have tier list for the Game Cube UM? That Chess piece dude was pretty crazy!

BTW does this ps2 UM play anything like the GCUM? looks more like fighting game then a wrestling game.

I’ve been watching vids on this game since the beginning of the year, and I gotta import it now. Springman looks so damn cool.

There is a PS2 one like the GC one, but it’s not this game.

That’s probably what you’re looking for.

and yeah that is the old tier list

SS: Ashuraman, Super Phoenix, Mountain
S: Ramenman, Springman, Akuma Shogun
A: Junkman, Blocken Jr, Checkmate, Soldier, Snigator, Barrierfreeman
B: Sunshine, Terryman, Warsman, Zebra, Mariposa, Mantaro, Pentagon, Blackhole, Kevin, Mr. Carmen, Robin
C: Kinnikuman, Bigbody, Jade, Illioukhine, Benkiman, Buffaloman
D: Big the Budo, Atlantis, Wolfman, Terry the Kid, Stecasseking
E: Ninja, Neptuneman, Scarface, Planetman

I think that’s the current one

Not as balanced as before.

But they are douches, especially Festival. I mean even the thread starter says so :shake:

Oh, and just for the precision: I am not technically a douche. I’m French. We all know it’s really the same but being French I needed to show off my sense of lexical elitism.

P.S. The tier lists vary a lot with the time and the way they are established. Last time I saw one it was nearly completely different from the two here and Pent was back up in heaven :rofl:
Seriously with the evolution of the engine the tiers are much closer than in MG1/MAX and tournament-based tiers are too biased by the players’ choices and personal skills to be trusted imho. The game is pretty much balanced as is anyway and though I like balance generally speaking I don’t want any other game to be ruined by balance like CFJ was.

Yeah, covered this in the PM over on Guardcrush.

I just didn’t read close enough. I skimmed your posts and read them as someone intentionally bashing the game for no reason. After looking back at them they are actually very far from that.

So like I said in the PM, sorry about that. I hope you don’t take it personally.

Yeah that’s what I was thinking too.

but for the most part I think most of the tier lists are bullshit anyways. lol

Actually I don’t. First because at least you seem more of a fighter than a fanboy, second because it’s SRK here… if I couldn’t stand people randomly call me a douche I would have fled years ago and last because my knowledge of hate and insults come primarily from here and ‘douche’ is way too friendly to have me starting the flames:rolleyes:

So yeah, I don’t really care actually.

It’s gonna be all about Big the Budo and Kinnikuman Zebra for me

I just don’t want you to hold it against me and get stingy with any discoveries. lol

but yeah, glad it’s water under the bridge