Kinnikuman Muscle Grand Prix 2

So, this game was released a lot of months ago in Arcades, i never played a Kinnikuman game but i heard that the “Max” title was very nice (and also, i love Kinnikuman Anime! the good old 70s/80s Shonen)

So, as i read today in the News channel in 2ch, it seems that the game is coming finally on PS2 and Wii, with two new characters (Satan Cross and Mammothman) and a exclusive Wiimote system who no one cares in a competitive way.

So… yay or nay?

MG2 came out this past June, and many of us at GCNet have been talking about the series since last year. Of course we closed the forum now for new users. lol

Last I checked, reportedly The Omegaman, and Mammothman will be the next TRCs for the arcade game after Big the Budo. There was also talk of other TRCs such as Kamehame, Satan Cross, Prisman, Mayumi and even Meat. And that’s all I’m going to talk about it.

p.s. Pentagon is too good.

EDIT: The news for the console port are nothing new, but you won’t be seeing a port until 2008 most likely. I would take the Wii port news with a grain of salt. PS2 is most likely, but PSN would be better, I don’t like how they have to scale many of the models in certain matchups in MG Max when compared to MG1 (and now MG2). =/

And the PSN version would also have online probably. lol

LMAO @ attempt to build some hype, and i mean it

Seriously son, we’ve been doing all that was humanely doable to make people at least try the game. Those who have still play it and know how much this game is full of win. But i’ve heard more bullshit on this game than on Smash, some of which I’ll quote, just to give you a slight idea of the nightmare awaiting you if you persist in that madness (and no I’m not even making that up):

  • it’s a poor license rehash son, go play with your otaku friends
  • it’s a fucking wrestling game, you retard
  • who the fuck wants to play a game with a humanoid walkman ?
  • is that really a toilet-man? I don’t want to know anything about that insanity.
  • it’s a sausagefest you fag
  • No loli in it, count me out
  • At least DOA has boobs
  • At least SC3 had swords and pants
  • No Capcom no love
  • No SNK no love
  • it’s a fucking 3D game, you wanna kill me?
  • Look, man, I know you lost your skills but have you fallen so low that you have to pick up the first japanese trash as your main fighter ?
  • It’s a Japanese game

and I could add at least 20 more lines to the list.

Don’t get me wrong though. I totally love the game and I’ve got people around me who do too, even former Dark Resurrection players who, believe it or not, enjoy it more than Tekken. The engine is really good and well-thought and the game is both very fun and rewarding for both beginners and competitive players (though obviously for different reasons).

But no ones gives a fuck because everyone is sure it’s crap, for no specific reason but to the point of being lazy enough not to even give it a single try. People are always whining because they want new games but at the same time they have come to the point of bitching so much that they don’t even try the game because it’s obviously so bad, hence the bitching and whining. So I logically decided that I didn’t care anymore.

Oh, but you are welcome to enjoy the game of course. As for trying to build the hype, just don’t feel too bad if I laugh at your wasted efforts, it’s not like I have anything against you personally.

LMAO @ people who things that talking about “non-mainstream” games is bad or some kind of taboo in SRK.

As i said, i never played a Kinnikuman fighting game, but every fighting game that coming is at least good for me. I just know that Japan received the game well in Arcades (even Ko-Hatsu) so you never know!

And about that “- Look, man, I know you lost your skills but have you fallen so low that you have to pick up the first japanese trash as your main fighter ?”, a lot of people said the same with Akatsuki Blitzkampf and BigBang Beat, heh.

ko-hatsu has some vids for it
Im like what I see, but then again I love kinnikuman
still need to get me the first one on ps2 though

Kevin Mask is the best…

Then let me ask you the mandatory “Who’s your Daddy?”

but I’ll admit he’s good and he’s got mad style.

…but all people bow to Pent in the end

Welcome to SRK.

Anyway, I’m hoping for a PS2 port a lot more than a PSN port. I’d prefer to carry a PS2 with me than a PS3. Plus, it would be more accessible because EVERYONE has a PS2.

Anyway, good luck building hype. Wrong site for this, though.

there, fixed for you

Hey I remeber those little pink Bastards we used to trade and fight over those toys…

-its popular on Ko-Hatsu

Boys, people didn’t even pirate this game (Im’ not even talking of buying it), that’s how bad it is.

Just let this thread die in peace now, its very nature make it fail. Be sensible: it’s not like you really care anyway, or you would have found some means (legal or not, that’s not my problem, my copy being legal) to play it, like me or Superking or the others who actually play, and I mean with competition at mind, not with fanboyism at mind.

and yes the hate is strong within me, so sue me…