Kinnikuman Muscle Grand Prix Max

Does anyone play it?

I guess there is a 2nd of this game released in Japan Arcades already. It looks hella fun and it might have some depth to it as well.


Oh by the way, here’s some jap match videos

[media=youtube]Q0YOnMmzUSk[/media] (KMGPM)
[media=youtube]L8ysvs7fKWs[/media] (KMGPM)
[media=youtube]OqMy7ZxMmLI&feature=related[/media] (KMGPM)

  • Only released in the arcades Japan -
    [media=youtube]ynZZqhKzARA[/media] (KMGPM 2)
    [media=youtube]emJZjv2dKNY[/media] (KMGPM 2)
    [media=youtube]fisNSHM0dTw&feature=related[/media] (KMGPM 2)

This game makes me “LOL” everytime I see it played…LMAO!


Someone has talked about this before. I have yet to get my hands on it.

No. I don’t know anyone that plays this game.

I could have sworn the second game came out on PS2.

There’s no port of two… for tons of 2 matches.

Great game.

Okay this link is tons of matches for KMGPM:

So is anyone on here “Pro” at this game, cause I’m confused about how the system works. And I can’t find a decent FAQ or site wit system game play info.

For example:

Knowing what the three options mean before u select your character.

So does anyone have any info on how the system works in this game?

Beats me. Surely I wouldn’t know. I mean that’s definitely not me in those videos you linked.

this looks fun.

It’s a very fun game, but I have no idea what I’m doing…lol!

But this game has incredible depth to it. Juggles. Wake up pressure. A great grappling system!!!

Hopefully more people will notice this and chime in on the thread!

this game reminds me of tekken but with different and more awesomer versions of king and armor king.

this game is made by AKI, the guys that made all those ridiculously cool N64 wrestling games back in the day

these games look like a more evolved version of that old engine to me and the second one is only out in arcades in japan apparently

its a shame they got dropped from making english wrestling games because the company seemed pretty talented as a whole

This thread fails on so many levels I don’t know if I should laugh or cry…

Stop hatin man…lol!

Play the game, it is fun…unless you’re not a fan of Ultimate Muscle. Wait a minute, I never watched the show either…so much for an excuse…lol!!!:wgrin:

I think I’ll Main Ramen or Broken…they are both pretty good.

OMFG u can parry in this game. And to break throws is b+X.

IIRC didn’t you make a thread similar to this a long time ago? I remeber that av…

Game is fucking awesome, but I love Kinnikuman so yknow bias.


No, actually Festival had peeps interested for a while. He was the original Ultimate Muscle thread maker.

The irony goes way beyond that actually. But since people have forgotten how to search…

Not that I really care anyway, I know where I stand and I know that people didn’t even bother downloading the game to give it a try, much less buying it and being competitive.

And I’m being kind here cause I’ve had a nice b-day party which set my mood to “merciful”.