Kiryu Tsukimiya is officialy the best Guy player in the world

In this link you’ll see tons of Guy match up from the best. I’ll encourage you guy to watch it if you really having trouble with some of Guy match up or if you just want to learn some trick of his . So here the link:

tsukimiya 9/12/10 08:25AM PST, 9/12/10 08:25AM PST tsukimiya on USTREAM. Xbox

thx everyone and to all Guy player.

Thanks for the Video / Link

We’ve known about Kiryu xD

personally i like Combofiend more than Kiryu, but thats just me.

what i like about Kiryu is…hes just another guy. I see him lose as much as i see him win. Unlike Daigo, i rarely see him lose on youtube. I know he loses to people but it just seems like people refuse to put videos of daigo losing. (i might be wrong as the handful of videos i’ve watched of daigo, he beats the guy senseless)

I agree with, The purpose of seeing top player lose is as important as seeing them win…

Good stuff. I really like his playstyle. It’s something I wish I could emulate in my game. One question… In that Viper match what did he do at 02:12:23? Looks like an option select with to tatsu. How do you do it?

I like Kiryu, his Guy is indeed nasty. I enjoy surfing the replay channel (Asia) just to see an A guy down the list and it’s usually always kiryu. Very entertaining guy player, I love how he pressures with run stops.

The only thing I wish Kiryu would do is use more gimmicks. His links, punishers and run >> stop pressure is the best I’ve seen of any Guy player. All that considered, I think he is the best Guy player I’ve seen period…I can’t imagine what he’d be like if he used more gimmicks.

Cr mk to bait EX Seismo. Pretty much Kiryu Times it to have the active frames I’m guessing the second on her wake up, since EX seimso takes 19 frames to start up, cr mk has 11 frames of recovery, if it misses you do EX tatsu.

So it’s just a meaty mk to ex tatsu? can’t chain into anything so I guess you just always buffer the tatsu and if they do an invisible move it will come out?

I agree with you and K1.

This is why I like combofiends Guy.Corner resets are a gimmick yes,but they are a solid gimmick.When Kiryu lands the FF chain into throw in the corner he always just does HK tatsu or just jab reset into run stop.Whereas Combofiend uses every chance he can get to do a reset and do the 50/50 cross under.Resets arent all that great in this game though so I respect Kiryu for not doing it.

I also think Combo fiend has better footsies with Guy.Combofiend spaces cr.HK perfectly every time but I hardly see Kiryu use it,he seems to avoid footsies altogether.

Apart from that though Kiryu has a flawless Guy.

Yeah I was counting the times he used cr.HK. Very few times he throw that out there. I was thinking I used it too much, but I realized it’s really good if spaced out of jab range. Mostly I just likes Kiryu’s pressure game. That’s what I really want to do with my Guy, but I can’t get my strings as tight as him.

I’m still not sold on resets. It seems like many people can just mash out of most of them so I thought Kiryu was doing the right thing. I’ll have to find more combofiend vids to see how he does it. Any recommendations? Now I use my own scrubby mixup of FF chain throw, st. Jab to jump over MK cross up/elbow fake cross up/lp bushin flip. This at least beats all those jab mashers, but probably loses to timed dps.

He’s a solid player no doubt which is why he is the best Guy player, period. Gimmicks are highly risky, especially Guy’s. When playing someone like Diago, you can’t rely heavly on gimmicks to win. Every once and a while it’s good to throw in some gimmicks, but you have to remain solid most of the time. IMO, if he used more gimmicks he’d lose more often. Solid play > Gimmicks.

Sometimes you can see hes in his opponents head though and he could potentially close a round out if he had gone for a reset and landed it but instead he goes for extra 2%damage HK tatsu juggles.

Whatever though,this video is just Kiryu pounding on scrubs really.Of course japanese scrubs are actually quite good but I want to see what he can do in a tournament now.This is why SSFIV arcade release has me so excited.

I’ve noticed that sometimes Kiryu will just walk forward when he’s beside a downed opponent and wait for them to get up and just go into c.lp or into whatever. How is he not getting thrown out of these more often? Is he just doing the c.lp/ super meaty or are they just scared to throw. That shit never works for me!

Yeah I’m so going to reck fools if these changes take place. People are going to label Guy cheap when I’m through with them.

It’s all about spacing and timing.

Hey shin, so is he just throwing the c.lp/ meaty? Not sure about it being about timing since he’s literally just holding forward right beside the downed opponent.

Yes it would seem so Either that or his opponent is just unable to take the risk of throwing on wakeup

I agree.