KiT2013 Full Results

Tekken Tag 2 (64)
Stream Archive

1: Anakin
2: Lil Majin
3: Speedkicks
4: Shinblade
5: The Exalted
5: Trung
7: YJshin
7: AceUnlimited
9: Pokchop
9: Chrishin
9: Nikos
9: Kodee
13: Derrick
13: Anotsu
13: Lawrence
13: Big Majin
17: Ramone
17: Doc
17: Mac
17: Jio
17: MrMr
17: Tab
17: Frank the Tank
17: I eat bamboo
25: Conrad
25: Noodlehead
25: BootyThrill
25: Cordy
25: I don’t know
25: Shola
25: Dimo
25: Mattrob
33: Sluch
33: Max Ninja
33: Cross
33: Roach the don
33: Bishop
33: BCD
33: H3thegame
33: Flymike
33: KillaGorilla
33: PastyCracker
33: Marble
33: Jeremy Terry
33: Big Boi
33: Mizu
33: Ihatethisgame
33: Hiryu02
49: Rockstar
49: Dwreck
49: EQ
49: SomeBrownKid
49: Hayaton
49: Ray
49: DuffmcWhalen
49: Candi
49: Lord Savior
49: Rukus
49: Darius
49: JdashATL
49: Iceymitsu
49: Icege
49: Doctrine Dark
49: Afro Samuri

UMvC3 (28)
Stream Archive

1 SomeBrownKid
2 Potato Salad
3 Rockstar
4 Wandles
5 Remington
5 Astaroth
7 Big Boi
9 Iceymitsu
9 DANNO901
9 Zayboo
13 Ihatethisgame
13 Duff McWhalen
13 FreakboyTrix
17 Melvin
17 Rukus
17 TwoPiece
17 Graham
17 JustDefend
25 Arson
25 SaveandExit
25 RJ Raccoon
25 SlinkoGuy
25 Zombiesaurus

Persona (11)
Stream Archive

1st: LastStarSaviour (Mitsuru)
2nd: Jackie Chandler (Narukami)
3rd: Milln (Yosuke)
4th: Anne|Frank (Aigis)
5th: MaxNinja (Labrys)
5th: Bishop (Chie)
7th: K-Moon (Narukami)
7th: Astaroth (Kanji)
9th: Thackston (Teddie)
9th: IceyMitsu (Teddie)
9th: AzurePhoenix (Labrys)

Guilty Gear (13)
Stream Archive
1st: Lil Majin (Chipp)
2nd: Phil (Millia)
3rd: Zega (May)
4th: Rukus (Potemkin)
5th: IceyMitsu (Eddie)
5th: Skeletal Minion (A.B.A.)
7th: JustDefend (Robo-Ky)
7th: Naimat (Johnny)
9th: Tret (Robo-Ky)
9th: AzurePhoenix
9th: Klein (Slayer)
9th: Papstr (Sol)
13th: Boom Cube (Order Sol)

I miss the days of shout out posts (and people using forums in general), but I am going to kick it old school anyways. I hope everyone had a great time!

Gotta start by thanking Beely and Ian. Couldn’t ask for any better people to be in ‘business’ with.

Big thanks to the volunteers: Kenny, Jessica, and Erick in the concession stand; Zach on that Tekken stream; Jonathan, Justin, James and everyone else that pitched in. Sorry I am terrible with names, so I know I am missing people – I remember the faces though

This was far from a corporate event, but our sponsors did come through in a big way. Big thanks to: Mike at BSL for the work on all out banners, panels and signs; the guys at Kaos Theory for setups, streaming, advertisement, support, etc; Game Galaxy for the setups and assistance with Marvel; Game Trader for going above and beyond as usual.

Most of all thanks to everyone that came out! It was great to see old and new faces. I will try to shout out everyone (gonna keep it gamer and leave the government names off), but please don’t roast me if I leave you off… It has been a long two days:

The Usual Suspects: it is great having such a good TN crew… AzurePhoenix, BigMajin, Bishop, Cordy, Dimo, FlyMike, IEATBAMBOO, Jeremy, Lil Majin, jio, Roach the Don, Rockstar Ryan, Rukus, Shinblade, Trung. I know I am missing some other Memphis, Knoxville, Bristol, etc names but much love to you all as well.

The rest of the locals… BCD! Great seeing you. Also have to shout out Candi and Ramone. Always good to come across new players! Maybe you will see this and drop me some contact info… Also that other crew that Beely knew – didn’t get a chance to talk to you all but thanks for making it out!

ATL! Always glad to see you guys. Anakin you are awesome and honestly I think of you more as an honorary part of the crew. Great seeing Big Boi, DrumEFX, Pokchop, Speedkicks and the rest of you (that whole faces to name thing applies here)

KoDee and crew: good times as always man. It was nice meeting the rest of your crew, too, and preparing them for game show trivia

Tab: thanks for making it out. I know you have a busy schedule, so I appreciate you fitting us in. Extra thanks for all the help with the stream.

The Exalted: always good seeing you and hope I can finally make that NYC trip happen sometime soon. Don’t be a stranger!

…speaking of New York: Lord Savior! Man it was nice to meet you. I hope you had a great time!

Sluch: what is there to really say? Great to see you as always. Hopefully the stars align and I see you at Tekken Bowl!

AceUnlimited: glad to finally chat with you and really out a name to the face. Such a trooper rocking out that drive day of.

Icege: man… How is it we never have really ever talked? I know we have been to the same tourney before, but never really officially met. Glad we finally fixed that. Big props on help with the commentary.

Yongje: Cherish that Jin panel forever I am glad to get to meet you before heading home.

Doc/lingmassacre and crew: good seeing you as always. Glad you finally were able to make it to KiT.

Nikos & Derrick: good seeing you both again. One day I will actually try to play games. Look forward to seeing you guys in the future

Shout out to Team Marq! Great seeing you guys. Of course it was good chatting it up with PotatoSalad about this, that and everything in between.

Milln and crew: you are awesome. Thanks for hooking it up with the p4a & Gear. You make it happen and I appreciate all the hard work you put in!

And who could forget the steam monsters… Thanks for sticking through my non-Tekken ramblings the short time I was in the mic. This was our first real steam, so any feedback is appreciated!

As always, I hope everyone had a great time. We pride ourselves on running a fun & efficient event that is very player friendly and hope you guys see it as such.