Kitchen Nightmares with Chef Ramsey

So the new show is on tonight. This time Ramsey will take his beasting across America to shitty restaurants. Can’t wait. Anyone else ready for the fun to begin? :devil:


lol That guido guy Peter was like the fusion of all guidos in NY and NJ embodied into one gigantic meathead.

The look on the head chef’s face when Gordon Ramsay told Peter [the uber-guido] ass off in front of everyone was absolutely priceless.

It started tonight?
Buggah…I’ll have to catch it next week.

oh this isnt just reshowing of british show?

Yeah I forgot too until a saw a thread for it on another site. Now I failed the east coast peeps for that I apologize. :sweat:

Now if only this show had a crying Aaron cameo.

Peter is the ultimate guido.

This show 15 minutes in is already better than Hell’s Kitchen.

I watched it for like 30 minutes and it was the most comical thing i’ve seen in a while. All I saw was that Peter dude yelling which was pretty fucking funny.

This is now my second favorite cooking show behind only Anthony Bourdain.

Gordon Ramsey is quality… Him and Simon Cowell are like the kings of ownage…

I have to say tho so far the ones shown on BBC are alot better I know it’s only one ep but the British ones are so vulgar it’s awsome.

Do they have swearing in the usa version? Cause it’s busch if they don’t.

He has no cooking shows. He’s never had one.

god that peter was insane

ROFL at his bleached teeth

Whatever food shows. You know the one where he just goes around, bitches about something, chain smokes, and eats stuff like beating python hearts?

LOL! He looked like a kid on Christmas morning that got EXACTLY what he wanted. It was like the perfect blend of surprise and extreme joy.

Show had me laughing non-stop. :rofl:

I had NO idea this was going to be on tonight. Good job Fox!! Great job there advertising! God only knows how many K-ville or New Amsterdam ads I have seen, yet they couldnt show an ad for this recently?

does this nigga ramsey ever get stole on? :wtf:

Show was badass. I’ll watch next weeks all the way through.

DVR is set to record ALL episodes. This show was awesome and I’m surprised that those collectors didn’t get rocked.

Cook’s Tour or No reservations? :rofl: