Kitchener/Waterloo Thread 2011

Official Bison’s Autoshop website: Bison’s Autoshop

Information for Super Street Fighter IV Casual Gaming Nights

We play (almost) every **Wednesday **and Sundays starting at 6:00pm

Check the website/this thread/facebook page to see if casuals are cancelled for any reason. You can also join us for food or drinks before or after casuals.

Lakeshore Motors (aka Bison’s Autoshop)
100 Lodge St.,

Nearest major intersection: University Ave. E and Weber St. N

$3 Entry fee per person
$1 pop/chips
$2.50 Red Rain energy drink

The #8 bus stops across the street from Lakeshore Motors.
The #12 bus stops at University Ave. E and Weber St. N.
The #7 and #9 buses stop at University and King, which is a 10-minute walk away.
The iExpress stops at Laurier University, a 15-minute walk away. channel, with live streaming from casuals and ranbats:

Ranbat rankings for the new year will be started soon and link will be posted.

Points are awarded as follows:
1st - 10 pts
2nd - 7 pts
3rd - 5 pts
4th - 3 pts
tied for 5th - 1 pt

Ranbats are free to enter. We run them at every casual and stream them on the aforementioned channel.

Happy New Year everyone.

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Question for you guys. There is a chance that I’ll be securing a distribution on selling some Hori Sticks. I want to get an idea, how much would you guys be willing to pay for a new HRAP V3 SA (PS3) or a new HRAP VX SA (360)? I can sell other models too such as the VLX but these are the ones that I want to focus on for now. For those who don’t know, they’re the ones that could be considered comparable to the Madcatz TE sticks even though I think they’re better.

I’d be willing to pay’s price for the hrap vx sa. I’d like to try it first.

If you were securing a distribution from Hori wouldn’t that mean you have to sell them at their price regardless…unless you short change yourself in the process?

I think waterloo has a lot of custom stuff still coming from Art…I think. If it’s not coming anymore, I’d probably be interested in a stick, paying no more than an on sale TE would cost.

Sorry I worded that wrong. What I meant was I’ll be getting a load of them from the States at a really good rate to which I can sell them for a competitive price here.

Nilo, to answer your question, my price will be the same if not cheaper than When I go to Vegas in a week I’ll be finalizing a few more details then post up my selling price. I’ll be buying two for myself (one for PS3 and one for 360) to demonstrate for people so they can get a feel for it and try it out before they commit.

there were a few people trying out a Hori V3 at heroes world this weekend, and one of the issues was that the start button kept getting pressed several times during 1 round even.

I don’t know if they just had poor dexterity or whatnot but if you’re the type of person who turns off 3P/3K because you frequently press them accidentally, I suggest not using a V3, which has the start button just to the right side of the 3P/3Ks.

i would say that it would have to be the poor dexterity :confused:


Arcana Heart 3 is coming out on console in 2 weeks. Apparently Wolfkrone and other Michigan players are going to pick it up, and I’m hoping some of you guys will give it a try, too. Here’s a quick intro to some of the characters.

“Normal” characters: [media=youtube]Zosck0JaNM0[/media]
Ridiculous lockdown: [media=youtube]K0qoI2LUR8g#t=2m18[/media]
Andre’s “this character is so cheap” vs Fuerte on skates: [media=youtube]Kbqo6AwKd_4[/media]
“Turtle” characters: assists vs guns: [media=youtube]1dr0TDnf83Y#t=4m28[/media]

I heard scott likes female characters…

Damn, robot girl ftw!

Id be down for a stick at a good price… the cheapest new TE I saw was 120… so hopefully around there would be sick…


<<SSF4 AE Arcade Ranking>>

well, this is the latest record(Dec.26) of AE ranking in Japan. they calculate the avg of top 10 players’ BP.

That’s a lot of above average makoto players!

Peter, you gonna be at causals on Wednesday or do you gotta go back to TO?

Im gonna back to TO in few hours :S

whos down for casuals starting at 3 today ? :slight_smile:

looks like sagat’s back. the king has returned. simba.

I’m down.

ok i’ll be there at 3

stream links need to be updated to this link cuz old one is still up

bisonsautoshopdotcom on USTREAM: .