Kizuna A.I. the virtual youtuber



Apparently this has been around since the start of the year but being the last to know everything I thought I would share this earth shattering revelation with the rest of srk.

Kizuna aka Affinity is supposed to be the worlds most advanced A.I program and fully capable of interacting and responding to viewers in real time. She host a plethora of useless trivial knowledge, plays terrible mmo’s, and has an infinite rotation of one liners and hilarious facial expressions that only the ultimate in A.I. programing could deliver.

**I am also 1000% sure that she is without a doubt @affinity
Need proof?

…does she play that shitty PUBG game?


AND is she a furry?

**double check

Anyways in all seriousness does anyone have any thoughts on how they accomplish this? Reminds me of that one live broadcast of the Simpsons.


Oh god there are people out there that think this is a real a.i. XD


I love the fact that a fake youtube anime chick has more viewers and plays games better than dsp @Million


The end of 3D women are fast approaching


^ That avatar XD


I’m surprised there hasnt been any figures for people to go on hot glue binges on.
But from what I heard the model for her is just some generic model from some Jap program.

People can go search for the videos she broke character and talked in her regular voice. Or watch the PT videos of her.
Ignorance is bliss. Its better to not know about this…


Its good to know its not a dude with a voice modifier playing as Kizuna A.I. There was a rumor it was.







Surprised that SRK is finding about Kizuna Ai until now.


I’ve seen this character through Anitwitter/Japanese Twitter numerous of times, but never bothered looking into it.


We would have found out sooner if @Kromo was still around.


I am sure that i posted at least some of her stuff on the VG thread and the GD thread.


Kromo and Kizuna are never seen in the same place at the same time…hrm.


@angelpalm You are late. There already is a photorealistic Youtube bot that claims to be 17 and is hot as fuck.



I just seriously want to know how they are doing this shit lol.

Anyone know who her VA is?


1 guy is playing, the other is talking and pressing buttons to trigger the facial expressions?


Might be a little bit more to it than that.


They use a basic facial recognition program to capture the expressions during the live streams
The voice actress seems to be a newcomer, this is probably her 1st role, and so far it has been keep a secret, also, is very likely that this is a small group operation, and maybe is only the voice actress doing all the stuff by her own (or at the beginning at least)
Also, it seems that the voice actress is kind of young between 17 and 25.

I have to say that i enjoy the videos, both the main ai channel and the ai games.


Also, implying that assffinity is Kizuna Ai triggers me to no end :rofl:


Yeah there is no way this was a single person. They have professional booths for Kizuna at the anime expo and one at the TGS.