Kizuna Encounter


I just want to say this, I fuckin’ love this game. This is my favorite tag fighter, no question. 2nd favorite is KOFXI. This game is very easy to pick up, features Marvel/Fatal Fury style auto-combos. And I like the tag system it has, very different from the rest.

Anyone else into this, and more importantly does there exist any serious match videos? I recall that there’s one on Soh’s youtube account, but it was just one round and the players were just messing around.

Totally amateur Tier List:

A: Mezu, King Lion. They both have the easiest combos in the game, tons of options, etc. Just godly characters in the right hands.

B: Everyone else except…

D: Gozu. Has nothing to offer. He’s got useless projectiles, a blanka ball that’s not nearly as good as his counter part, etc. He just sucks. No reason to use him.

The most balanced fighting game ever
Kizuna Encounter Commentary

Match videos featuring AcidGlow VS Kabal64 and JLW.

YouTube - kizuna encounter


Amatuer indeed. Everyone knows Kim is tops, followed by Rosa. Gozu bottom tier? Hardly…

Made by Return of Shiki:

???: Jyazu, King Leo
SS: Kim
S: Rosa
S-: King Lion
A+: Gozu
A: Hayate
B+: Mezu
B: Eagle
C: Chung, Joker
D-: Gordon

*Kim and Rosa are obvious, I guess. So’s King Lion. Gozu is better than everyone else because of his effective keepaway specials, especially his air fireball. Hayate I remember can cancel one of his triple boomerang specials into another one immediate for effective keepaway–don’t know if it was a glitch or not.
I don’t think Joker is nearly as bad as Gordon. Gordon electric ball has more start-up than like anything and everything else he does leaves him wide open.

^ pretty much sums it up.


Completely disagree with Gozu. Nothing he has is safe, you can easily AB dodge that keep away shit. That’s all he has, that wall flame move, that’s his only good move and if you know what you’re doing. Mezu should be A or B easy, he has a lot of mixups, tons of useful projectils, his downback+B flashkick is good on jump ins.

I’ll admit my list is rushed, but I hold by Gozu being among the tops.


All I got to say is you need to go play a good Gozu. Theory fighter doesn’t mean jack here.

Take it as you will, but that’s how it is. I mean the fact you didn’t put Gordon low, didn’t have the obvious top tiers where they where and can’t seem to tell the obvious difference between the two ninjas already tells anyone reading this thread you haven’t played the game enough or don’t play it well.

I think the last thing you should be doing it trying to argue a tier list. No offense.


Can ya’ blame me dude? Who plays this game? I did a search and found jack shit. So I took a guess trying to stimulate some interest and hopefully find out who the proper tiers are. And it worked. If you know these top Gozu players, by all means, direct them here, let’s see some footage.


The game is fun. easy combos and super moves are all the same for all characters.
I didn’t like the roster so I’m always using King Lion… I like how the arcade version has a code to use the 2 bosses… lol… Shin King Lion or whatever you call him is bad ass. :looney: I usually throw some person that just… looks cool for my partner cause I dislike them all… I’d like this game more if it had a 1 vs 1 option XD


Okay, I finally got to play this a bit on Supercade. Still a damn good game. GGS to tailzdru. His Gozu is damn good, I had no idea that character has so many good projectiles. I have no idea why this never took off like KOF. You’d think the South Americans or the Marvel players would be all over this.


thread needs vids


Looking back; that was a really shitty tier list. But hey, I got *some *interest going.

Dark Geese has shitloads of videos:

And this:


Just found out this game is getting a Virtual Console release. Yay.


How does 150 matches sound?


I love the big sprites in this game, very reminecient of AOF. I never played this much apart from a few nights with some drinks and buds. The engine was quite creative for it’s time. SF X T basically stole it’s format. Such a shame these games never became big but it is cool to see Hayate and Jyazu in KOF XI.


Gozu is much better than people think, and I agree with Tech’s tier list for the most part, however I think Joker is way too low, he can be very nasty in the right hands.

The game is pretty balanced, and pretty much all of the characters can be used competitively in the right hands. I’ve seen some monster Gordons.


Except SFXT didn’t at all. SFXT is a 2D Tekken Tag. One character dies = round over, easy-ass tags, no unlimited desperation supers, healing while tagged out, need I go on? None of this is in Kizuna. Each is very much its own beast. No need to slight SFXT/Capcom for no reason.

All that said, this game is tits. Finally got this working on my HDL, and holy crap I love it.


Slight against Capcom? All I said is the format is similar and although it may be closer to Tekken Tag, Kizuna came first. Both SNKP and Capcom owe each other a lot in terms of fighting game ingenuity no system has been truly original for quite sometime. BTW, I love Capcom but I can see I likness (varied opinions on how strong you feel the compairison is) to game engines here. Can’t you?


Truth be told, aside from the fact that it’s a 2v2 battle and you tag to keep a character alive, I can’t. I feel more to the tag mode in KOF2003 but not SFxT, TTT, SFEX3, or even DOA2. If you could actually combo someone post-tag rather than just have a character come in and get mollywopped for doing so, yes, I’d start to see the similarities. I wouldn’t have reacted if you didn’t say that they “basically stole its format”.

Then again, it’s just me being a picky little nerd. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s kinda like people looking at 3rd Strike after coming off of ST and saying “Hey, I liked Balrog. I’ll pick Dudley.” when, really, Q is the closest thing to that style of character but only nerds like me would say that.


Fair enough I see where your coming from. I mean are we not all picky little nerds posting on SRK about an obscure FG that barely gets any recgonition? :slight_smile:


SFxT is stealing more from Rage of the Dragons then this.


How so?