KKK as the neighborhood watch? I only wish I were trolling


What’s the big deal? I’m sure they will handle the task with the kindness and fairness that the people desire and deserve. I hear George Zimmerman will be involved. :rofl:



If it actually drives down the crime rate, I’m all for it. Still hilarious though.


If this works, I want to see the local cartels handling the drug task forces. Poison must be destroyed by using the same poison…



Sounds more Hitlarious to me.


I see what you did thar.



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crime rate will be going down as fast as brown skins are getting strung up!


Will uniforms be involved?


In before a black kid gets killed and another year of media attention.


Takes “White Knights” to a new level.


Looks like @Raz0r‌ will be getting to beat those chimps before Epidemic.


I doubt they will allow a Hispanic man to join in.


It’s better than the black panther treatment I’ve been getting.


Like using affirmative action to destroy discrimination?


Well, SCOTUS took a stab at Affirmative Action today so maybe it won’t be such an issue in the foreseeable future.


False Equivalence :D!


i would love to have zimmerman protect my neighborhood


white power


That’s actually kind of how Juarez (city across the border from El Paso) worked until the leader of the Juarez cartel died. There still was some violence but nowhere near the level seen when there was active competition. So all in all, cartels handling police work isn’t the worst.


Problem with this logic is a cartel sells drugs. KKK don’t rob people of their things (at least not what they’re notorious for). Don’t get me wrong, their beliefs are twisted and wrong. But their beliefs and what they said they’ll do to protect the neighborhood are different things. It’d be more like Christians who are hired as science teachers. Wait, that happens…