Knee jerk reaction or Government overshadowing? (Colbert special canceled by the White house)

[SIZE=14px][TV] White House Cancels Stephen Colbert’s Televised Naturalization Ceremony


While this may not be a huge issue in a long run the fact they are bypassing the accepted channels and doing as they want was in my mind at least the opposite of what this administration has claimed they would do from the beginning.

Whats a neutralization ceremony?


Seems to me like they didn’t want the legality of the whole thing compromised by having someone there making jokes while the ceremony was going on. It would be like if you went to court and when asked if you swear to tell the truth you respond with “I doodly-doodly-do-do-do!” and blow an air horn or something similar that could potentially call your seriousness to question. I’m not saying Colbert would do something distasteful or purposely try to disrupt the whole thing, but I think that’s what they’re most concerned about. I don’t see it as much as “doing what they want” as they are just trying to uphold the sanctity of a government process so it doesn’t come back to bite them in the rear later when someone tries to make the argument that the people being naturalized aren’t real citizens because they didn’t take it seriously.*

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