Knewb question that can be deleted when answered


I’ve heard somewhere that RC is removed on the xbox version(think I heard it here)Is this true?




what exactly is “option select” that i’ve read somewhere in the forum that K & P groove players use.


not sure how it’s useful in K, but in P:

say your at low forward range in sagat vs sagat, you fidget and press down+MK. the idea is that you’re covering your attack with a parry, so if the other sagat was pressing a button at the same time (that can be downparried), you’ll parry and low forward him back. if he doesn’t your poke comes out.

there’s also option-select block against crossups you aren’t sure of. someone’s crossing you up… you choose a direction at the last second (or go crazy and jiggle between forward/back), and regardless of what you press, as long as it’s timed with the attack you’ll either parry or block.


Read the sticky threads, seriously:


delete thread.


ragnafrak: that is very intense for those people who’re just shifting or new to P groove like me but i have played SF3:3rd strike for some time before CvS2 came out. since CvS2 parry is very far from the 3rd strike version, i’ll have to practice to parry again from square one. can i find a lot of these posts in SF3:3rd strike forum? thanks dude!