Knife Throw into Ultra1

I checked a few threads and couldn’t find any info on this. Just wanted to mention that you can combo into Final Destruction from the Knife Throw and is not corner dependent, but you obviously must be pretty close to him. Dunno how useful this is since you need to be close and Knife Throw’s animation is extremely telegraphed, and the fact you must be point blank , but it’s still +1 more way to combo into U1, also without meter!

Now if only there was a way to combo into knife throw from a meaty jump in link or a crouching lk link, but the startup is too long I think? Also I don’t see why EX CU can juggle off a lp CU but U1 can’t, lp CU puts them in a juggle state doesn’t it? I guess we can’t complain since FADC U1 does full animation unlike Ken’s, Cammy and Fei Long’s FADC->U1

That’s sweet. I have yet to try it out.

Yes this will indeed work but it’s not very practical. In order for you to combo into U1 it would require you to be close to your opponent, you will most likely get stuffed every time you try the knife throw seeing that the start up frames are very long. Also IMO you should really use the knife for putting pressure on your opponent than using it as a projectile.

If you want to combo U1 from a projectile, the best way is going to be EX Rocks.

Oddly enough when set to autoblock I can’t ever seem to get U1 off EX rocks, it’s definitely a much tighter link than EX rocks to U2.

the reason your not able to combo ex rocks into u1 is because you have to catch them off of a counter hit. =). you can not hit them with it any other way


Besides, CH only affects the first hit so the second hit works the same anyway.

non-CH EX Rocks to U1? That’s perfectly possible but only practical after stun/crumple.

The practical setup, c.HP xx EX Rocks xx U1/U2, that requires a CH on the c.HP

Too bad Cody doesn’t have a way to combo into U1 from an Air normal like Bison or Chun Li’s J.MPx2 into Ultra or Ryu’s J. MP into Ultra.

Man that would be sweet…
I wish all versions of Zonk put them in juggle state , would make me alot more dangerous in corner

Can you do U2 off of knife throw?

Yes but you only get the dust to hit.

The rest does not combo.