Knight Slash 5 Results

Well! Saturday was such an eventful day to say the least. Many thanks to everyone that came out and continue to come out every semester to support the Knight Slash series. We’ll be planning out 6 a bit after finals so feel free to give us any suggestions on games to host and what we should improve on. We’re open to any and all ideas.

SSF4: AE2012 (8 Entrants)
1st BIFU | Insaynne (Blanka / Dee Jay)
2nd Colpevole (Juri)
3rd Grover (Guile)

UMVC3 (12 Entrants)
1st Rhys Jones (Dante-Vergil-Strider)
2nd Colpevole (Morrigan-Dante-Strider / Dante-Vergil-Haggar)
3rd BIFU | Insaynne (Nova/Spencer/Doom)

P4U (12 Entrants)
1st Lord Knight (Mitsuru)
2nd Colpevole (Chie)
3rd Naochii (Naoto)

Melee (9 Entrants)

Brawl (14 Entrants)

Obviously, more info on the results will be coming in a few hours. There were a few random team and side tourneys as well.