Knights of the Round Table: Teams and Assists

Discuss possible teams for Arthur! What assists work well with him? What about his assists work well for others? Who can possibly be manly enough to deserve being a part of his team?

I hear that Haggar may work well with Arthur, especially via DHC (Rapid fire punch (HUGE range) into goddess bracelet). The lariat may be able to help him get a goddess bracelet off, or just start a projectile combo. Pair that with either an OTG assist or a GTFO assist and you could potentially have a strong team.

More later


Nice, I was going to make a Arthur match up thread earlier today, but class got in the way.

Anyway, when you have more information I’m wondering how you’re going to organize it.

I was thinking about the first post using spolier tags to state how Arthur’s assists/Hypers work with other characters, casual notes, combos that use assists, stuff like that

and the second post could be used to post up the “Team Survey Questions” that have Arthur in them (The ones discussed and deemed good of course).

Also a fun little gimmick that Arthur can do is

Golden Armor > DHC > Hyper throw when the opponent gets close (Thanks to Bronzefist for the idea) if his Armor really does have invincible frames like I’ve heard (Don’t quote me on that just yet) then this could be a good way to get a powered up assist while getting some good damage.

Of course you need to remember it’s a gimmick, not worth holding off on Power Armor, but it can be alright when Arthur’s armor wears off and the opponent rushes in for the kill.

Spent today playing a friend’s early copy of MvC3. I have to say by far the best/most bullshit team I tried was Dormammu, Arthur, Modok. It’s really, genuinely hilarious. So much stuff on screen.

Also, yes, the Armour super has invincibility frames. Rather a lot of them too.

I think Chris’s mine assist will help anyone but especially Arthur in covering his ass.

I’m having a hard time deciding on a team for him as I don’t want to make too many teams for this game.

But ATM, Chris mines and Deadpool’s AA assist looks good teamwise. Viper’s overhead doesn’t look as useful for Arthur to take advantage ATM.

Well this is just the team thread. Every character (AFAIK) is gonna have a Team, Matchup, and Combo/Mixup thread. So you can still make the other two. The assists and hypers stuff is definitely going to fit in here. I may not even need the second post but I left it there just in case.

Well, there are gonna be two different teams for this guy the way I see it. Either part of a full keepaway team, or a support/battery for Rushdown/Grapplers. I’m gonna be running Joe/Haggar/Arthur initially and I think he could help out those two with either daggers for ghetto drones or torch to provide an OTG. Still thinking about it

So guys, I’m going to be using Arthur/Deadpool/??? as my team. I’m going to use deadpool’s gun assist, because I think it’s really helpful for Arthur since it covers a place he can’t get to with his projectlies (45º degrees). But I don’t really know who I should use as a third character. Anyone know someone who works well with Arthur and Deadpool?

With his terrible mobility getting the opponent off you once they inevitably get in might be problem, so i would advise a get of me assist like morrigan or akumas. Should help you create some space to work with plus it doubles as an AA assist to cover any space arthurs, lances, axes, boomerang, fire bottle and holy water missed.

Are there any “get off me assists” that could also lock down in a pinch? I have a half decent idea for playing Arthur, but it kind of needs a meter assist, so I would need my other assist to help lock down while still having some invincibility.

My plan for Arthur was to combine Gold Armor super projectiles with a meter assist, using a lock down assist to cover when i explode into my boxers. Things like Doom rocks would only half work, because even if I called it Before my armor went down, I would still have Wolverine halfway up my ass by the time I was back to silver Arthur.

I tried Arthur/Trish/Sentinel

Fire bottle assist
Trap near your character
Sentinel force

Start with Arthur, put trap on the floor, it will stay there forever, and you can sentinel force with the trap still there, it’s working for me

He got some nice combos, but it’s damn hard to close ground with him, after a launcher in the air you can do fire bottle > bracelet hyper (I think it’s character specific) he don’t lack in the damage department, just hard to get a chance to launch someone imo

You guys think it’s a good keepaway team ?

Arthur/Trish/Sentinel sounds like a really good team now that I think about it. Trish has a really good chip hyper combo.

I’m thinking of Arthur/Sentinel/MODOK. It sounds like one hell of an annoying team.

WTF is holy water?

And torch people, TORCH.

yep. this is a team i’m going to put some time into once i get the game (i played some last night but i’ll need some training mode for arthur and modok). arthur should work very well for characters like ryu who want to play projectile games but lack high projectile points. i’m thinking a lot of teams will have either arthur OR modok on them to round them out to avoid hard counters.

But wouldnt that team be raped by teleporters? Remember how popular dante/wesker are, and those characters kill you very quickly. I think im going to run arthur/deadpool/magneto.

Deadpool trigger happy assist seems pretty good to support arthur. Arthur´s fire bottle could be nice with magneto´s rushdown, and if u are in trouble or need heavy zoning magneto seems to be very polivalent on that regard with disruptor. Also deadpool/arthur should have a good dhc full screen with their proyectile hypers. Cannot wait to have the game and try things out.

Does anyone know if magneto has a good assist to take people off of you? That would be even better.

I’m definitely playing Arthur/Haggar. I want to play the old-school characters anyway, and their assists cover each other’s biggest needs so you aren’t necessarily screwed if you get snapped back.

I wanted to go with Spencer to complete the old-school idea, but he apparently lacks a safe DHC so I can’t go for gold armor at the start of the match. I think if Strider turns out to be DLC and they don’t mess with his orbs then that team would actually be a great fit all-around…start with Arthur, build 1 meter, Gold Armor DHC to orbs, then I think you could potentially do a Strider/Doom style trap with Gold Armor torch assist.

That’s assuming a lot, of course, so for now I might just try to make Spencer work. Maybe just use him at the start and build as much meter for Arthur as possible, in which case the dagger assist could be better than torch…

It’s holy water when its upgraded you buttpirate

Since they were announced Haggar/Arthur were my time. I wanted Frank West on that team as well, but until he’s DLC (hopefully) I’m thinking of Hulk. Not for any gameplay reason, but Hulk has funny V.O. lines.

There might be but I don’t know of any, some of the lockdown assists might have invincibility but i would not count on it. Seems like you’ll just have to make a choice based on your match ups. Because I would hate for someone like wesker to get in that ass and not have a back up plan.

@Sharin: I don’t think he does, I thought force field might make a good get of me assist but then I watched smexy’s video with all the assists and it doesn’t look very good, the hitbox seems terrible. It might still work but its not looking good at the moment

Anything that lifts the opponent and holds them there for a second (Chun/Dante/Sent/Trish/Dorm, etc). Off a full screen confirm you can do Goddess Braclet, off half screen or closer he can do his lance toss? to get massive hit stun then do his boomerang? (lol sorry I don’t remember the names) to bring them back in for a juggle combo or just straight to relaunch. You’ll get most of your damage off projectile chip/spam and a good assist that allows you to do combos because you won’t be close to opponents unless they get in on you, Arthur hits pretty hard for a character not really combo centric, you’ll see.

Then your other character is up to you, do you want an invincible get the fuck off move? (ryu,morrigan, etc) or do you want a character that compliments his keep away (modok/chris, etc)

I maybe only spent 20 minutes with Arthur last night and a lot of people are gonna get turned off by him but I really think hes super fun, he has lots of potential, hes gonna be one of my main focuses tonight. I hope to be able to figure some better shit out tonight.

i run arthur haggar and hulk…hulk keeps people out and haggar keeps them off arthur i know the game hasnt been released yet but people have a really hard time getting in on this guy plus kings armor helps when someone is about to come in on you kinds armor dlc to haggar grab for massive damage.