Knock off Sanwas buttons


…On eBay, will SW-68s fit in them for the most part? I have need of a lot of 24mm buttons and don’t want to spend Sanwa prices, but would like to upgrade the switches to Sanwa at a later date.


it’s probably not worth it. i’ve replaced hori and MCZ SE buttons with SW-68s and they don’t depress the same way or have the same height as with the genuine sanwa casings. if you’re using these 24mm buttons for a hitbox style stick you’re better off shelling the extra 20 for the genuine stuff


I’m building a 108 button ASCII keyboard using an arcade panel and 24 mm buttons. $400 on buttons is like a crotch punch.


What on earth are you building this for? Not criticizing, I just really want to know.


Why use arcade buttons when mech switches will do just fine, or even better?


Because I can, plus I’m using the cabinet I built as my computer desk as well, this CP will serve as the keyboard and mouse (putting a track ball in the center). A regular keyboard would look out of place on the cabinet. I’ll be using one of my Blaze twin sticks as the base for this keyboard CP.


I’d love to use gamerfinger buttons, but 108 of those…yeah.