Knock your gief up a tier or How to properly use Ultra 2

Ok so Ultra 2 has been getting some hate. Heres the deal you dont need to buffer ultra 2 in the air only. In fact you shouldnt be starting to buffering ultra 2 in the air. You should already have ultra 2 buffered when you leave the ground so that the ultra 2 is ready to come out. You can do this by buffering the 720 into a standing Normal or wake up.

So to do this just do the standing normal and buffer the 720 in the direction you want to jump at the pace that the animation ends so you have the ability to hit KKK any time during the jump animation and the ultra will come out.

I am at work now and figured this out about 15 minutes before i had to go to bed. But from what i can tell you should be able to punish jumpin’s with this and also alot of blocked moves ie DP’s Blanka full screen ball on reaction T-hawk dives . Pretty much the possibilities are endless. Feel free add stuff you figure out with this.

Thanks to Zangief4Life for helping me figure this out.

I think this makes gief much more competitive. :razz:

You don’t need to buffer it, you can just mash 360 without putting a deliberate jump command and gief will jump anyway.

If you get that first 360 done in the normal then when the normals animation stops you launch up and can hit the KKK almost instantly for a pretty much next to the ground ultra.

But if you can do this without the normal buffer then very cool will test later.

if u time this wrong u can actually go backwards with the ultra lol

not to mention jumpins will beat you if u dont activate it before they hit u

for those times you’re buffering U2 to punished a blocked/whiffed DP you couldve done the same with UAB

u2 just doesnt seem practical at all. i was in a match yesterday watching ifc zangief vs this boxer or ibuki i forget which one… and he jump on reaction to them jumping and almost right next to them popped out the ultra 2 and guess what… that fucking shit missed. I mean, put it like this, when he landed he was at a range to land a to ex hand combo and it still whiffed. I mean, U2 just seems like it works at a ( just for fun ) level. i mean, u1 has much more practical use for it, like everyone has been saying who in the hell would jump at gief … maybe away and then u2 doesn’t have enough range to snatch someone while they are jumping back ie balrog while he’s doing a jumping back hp. U2 is just dumb with more range probably might be useful but i would doubt that someone like cantona, zangitan or even aloha would use …well, might only be useful for el fuerte but otherwise u1 is the shit handsd down

also since ssf4 has a godly replay system. i would love to see you guys that’s using u2 in match post of your videos or send me a invite so i could watch you use it in a real match to show how practical it is.

Probably impractical, but U2 beats everyone’s backdashes.

Also beats T.Hawk’s Raging Slash ultra.

U2 goes through aerial fireballs.

I know that in the chun matchup you mix u2 as part of your oki mixup. pretty much all of her wakeup options except just sitting and blocking will get caught by u2. Wakeup lk HSU = caught by u2, ex bird = caught by u2, wakeup back dash = caught by u2. All I can do is sit and block and then you’ll just SPD me.

yes it will be character specific

but why are u countering ultras? if its a random thrown ultra then idk who ur playing versus…if elf uses his u1 it is most likely during ur jump…not at random unless ur been very predictable

U2 going through kumas aerial fireballs is great but…the range is horrible and u basically have to be RIGHT next to them to actually snag em

again its practical vs tatsu escapes and viper air game but other than that…

bison’s vortex? what bison actually gets in giefs grill? kuma vortex yes…vega? i think his loop is gone now could be wrong on that seth? again what seth is going to be on gief grill when his best chance to win is a keepaway seth? but it is useful vs his wall jumps and if he is stuck in the corner

I think Zangief’s U2 is actually 100 percent invulnerable while in air. If it goes against an invulnerable ultra (i.e. Vega’s U1), then both ultras whiff. Zangief’s U2 vs Zangief’s U2 seem to both whiff too.

Here’s a list of what I’ve tested in the past hour or so:

Not everything’s going to be practical in a match, obviously, since a lot of the ultras aren’t meant to be done by themselves. I just wanted to see what u2 could pick up.

Not so obvious stuff:

Hakan’s Oil Dive (360+K) can be picked up by Zangief’s U2 when Hakan launches forward.
Everyone’s backdash can be punished by U2.
Blanka’s KKK hops can be punished by U2.
Claw’s Cosmic Heel (df+HK) can be punished by U2.

Supers & Ultras:

Adon’s U1 & U2: Z’s U2 wins.
Blanka’s U1: Z’s U2 wins. It grabs Blanka out of the initial bounce up in the air
Cammy’s Super & U1: Z’s U2 wins.
C.Viper’s U1: Z’s U2 wins if you grab Viper on her ascent or descent.
C.Viper’s U2: Z’s U2 wins, although seems hard to connect, whiffs most of the time.
Dhalsim’s U2: Z’s U2 wins.
Dictator’s U2: Z’s U2 wins if Dictator is caught with it in air.
Dudley’s Super: Z’s U2 wins.
El Fuerte U1: Z’s U2 wins if Zangief does U2 under El Fuerte.
Gen’s KKK Super, U1 & U2: Z’s U2 wins.
Gouken’s Super, U1: Z’s U2 wins.
Guile’s Super, U1: Z’s U2 wins.
Hakan’s Super: Z’s U2 wins if you pick him up when he hops forward to grab you.
Ibuki’s Super: Z’s U2 wins.
Juri’s U2: Z’s U2 wins.
Ken’s Super, U1 & U2: Z’s U2 wins.
Makoto’s U2: Z’s U2 wins, gotta be a lil fast.
Ryu’s U2: Z’s U2 wins.
Sagat’s U1: Z’s U2 beats both the tiger knee portion and uppercut portions.
T.Hawk’s U2: Z’s U2 wins.
Claw’s U1: both ultras whiff.
Claw’s Super: Z’s U2 wins.
Zangief’s U2: both ultras whiff.

Thats all i need to hear :lovin:

Best way to pump out U2. hold back and start initiating 720 by rolling forward. Once you hit up forward you will jump forward and within the 6 jumping frames you can complete the 720 motion and ultra instantly.

I would use it against Chun, Honda, Blanka, and Elf. Bison has too many immunities to it on wake up (teleport, Psycho crusher). Blanka can’t ball out of the corner without worries and his best wake up against your cross ups (EX up ball) gets snatched out of the air. Elf can’t hop away and it is a great defensive tool as well. Honda and Chun lose all wake ups against your jump in except block.

I ultra’d an abel Wheel kick yesterday. Very satisfying but hard to time.

I ultra’d a Spiral Arrow. Felt kinda bad.

U2 is definitely not the most practical yet because nobody is used to it, but I’ve been having fun with it myself. It definitely has priority over sooooooooo many other characters moves, supers, & ultras. I’m still gonna say that the majority of the time I’ll be sticking with UAB

The hitbox on this ultra is weird. It misses people above Zangief but catches anyone under him and even a little bit behind him. I’ve caught Bison’s EX Psycho Crusher with it and he was below and a little behind me. I’ve also caught Juri’s EX Pinwheel and she was directly underneath me. Also, these are completely random ultras, I just guessed they would jump away or something. If someone could actually hit someone with U2 on reaction I would like to see how they do it. Air to air U2 whiffs a LOT from what I’ve seen of it so far.

It doesn’t miss people above Zangief. It grabs Fuerte out of his Ultra 1 while he’s directly above you and I’ve grabbed M.Bison out of his headstomps when he was above me.

It will whiff if it connects during an air move’s invulnerability frames as far as I noticed (Claw’s U1 for instance).

I’ll take your word for it but I’ve seen it whiff on normal jumping attacks about 1 or 2 o’ clock from his Ultra. Something is weird about his hitbox.

was playin a match yesterday and i grabed bison out of his EX psycho Crusher wen i was getting up and i won the match lol