Knock your gief up a tier or How to properly use Ultra 2

Not bad. Maybe U2 isnt that random after all.

I’ve only hit whiffed aerial moves.

But i do notice when i use the scrub bunny hop tactic over a fallen body, people are less likely to jump.

Argh!!! I walked a honda into the corner and he started that j. HP nonsense, pulled out U2 and it whiffed.

He was still in the air. what gives?

it is hard to grab air to air moves when your opponent is abusing a neutral jump.

Just Honda, and even then…its just the fact that he can wave in the air like that with priority that makes his nj such a problem. Hes like the only character that will be able to effectivley abuse nj vs Gief.

LOL that was hilarious, I would never have thought that was possible.

Hondas neu jump stuff is hard 2 hit with u2 which sucks. His arms are just extend too far from his grabale hit box. I’m going to see if you can lp gh and and do. U2 under him to grab him.

Also I got hit out of ultra 2 by a ex headbut from rog which makes no sense to me because I’ve grabed at least 20 up balls from blanka in matches.

me neither ima keep testin out ultra 2 to see if i find some good setups n ill post em up if i do

blocked up balls? or whiffed? or AA up ball?

i’m at work and don’t have time to read all this yet but you know how if you empty jump, a lot of the time, people just jump up to counter your 360 throw? this ultra counters that. so it’s like another mixup tool. pretty fucking good one if you ask me lol

yea that works sometimes characters with DP that i play online mash DP so wen u cross em up n you expect a dp ull get em with the ultra

The best legitimate use I can see for it is getting to the point where you’re good enough to bust it out instantly as anti air. Then you use it against the characters who can beat up gief w/ their vortexes.

Cammy, Gouken, Akuma, Ibuki, Fuerte, Juri.

I’ve been using UltraII almost exclusively for people who reverse crossups with some kind of aerial special (Dragon Punch, Blanka Ball, etc.).

This is the only use I’ve been able to find for this move, and I still haven’t pulled it off in a match yet.

It seems almost useless. We should be able to use it to counter a DP but the ultra flash will prevent DPs from coming out, so we can only do the ultra within the 3-5 frames between the uppercut being started and it hitting us in the ass.

I landed U2 for the first time today in an Endless Battle against a Viper player that was jumping around. It was totally random but it won me the match as I would never have caught up to her with U1.

I also landed T-Hawks U2 on that same Viper player, which is also the first time I have done so.

Both are pretty hard to land actually, though the motion for Hawks makes it easier to do on reaction. With Giefs you pretty much have to psychic guess that they are going to jump and hope you get lucky.

i just did this against an akuma player, it was easier than i expected.

OK, vs. Bison: after you get SPD and then hand over on his wakeup, jump back and bait that ex-psycho crusher to land free U2. If he doesn’t do it, don’t do u2. If he teleports forward, you get free combo. Best results if he is in corner, he will feel pressured to escape with those two moves.

Nice trap actually. In this case the only thing he can do is be scared and teleport back, which could be at your disadvantage if he has the life lead.

Yea with akuma when he goes for vortex after a knockdown, he will throw the fire ball and then do a demon flip as soon as you see the demon flip do your instant air ultra. The ultra goes through the air fireball and grabs akuma :wow:

does Zangief’s ultra work as a cross too? so it can grab people behind him? I guess Ima test it out

Several players have said it’s possible Focus Attack Dash Cancel your Lariat and then grab your opponent with this move.

Its that true, lol?