Knockdown frames

Hey all. Got a project I wanna start. I wanna come up with a list of knockdown frames for the cast. If we know the exact frames we have after all knockdowns we can come up with a lot more meaty/fuzzy/ambiguous setups. I don’t know how to even come up with this information but if someone has a suggestion I’m all ears.

Knowing the amount of frames in the period that they are knocked down isnt going to help, i dont think anybody has ever recorded such a thing, its not really neccessary.

If course it’s important mike. Knowing the amount of frames you have to work with in essence creates safe opportunities. If I have 50 frames to work with, I can create meaties with a move formation. It’s why safe jumps work. A forward throw = x frames.

So back dash + + = about c frames.

The more accurate the knowledge the better.

An idea would be to record raw footage at 60 frames a second and count frames.

EDIT: removed wakeup frame data = Cammy related.

yeah, someone needs to record and count the wakeup frames (of sweep, throws…etc).

I don’t have an hd recorder to do this. :(.

I’d love to help but yeah I lack recording devices. Also, when would the count start? When they hit the ground, when Juri returns to neutral…?

Bar forward throw in the corner, theres no point to this process, Mid screen forward throw your too far away to do anything ambiguous, sweep generally has too much recovery so you still have to manually time a safe jump, whiff any move or do anything and youve already taken too much time, most you can do is walk forward/back a tiny bit, same story with backthrow.

Goddammit mike. Stop trying to find reasons why it wouldnt work and find reasons it can work.

I bring this up because of the Dudley tutorials I see. After techable kds there are setups that create meaty situations or safe vs some reversals.

There’s techable knockdowns like stores, pinwheel, dive kicks hit 1,3 and 4, sc hp, all ex moves. There are always setups. Granted techable knockdown can be teched within a window but… We gotta try. Who knows what will come up.

So If you don’t want in on the project mike (person who could help the most) just don’t visit the thread.

looool duno what do u want to know safe meaties or sumin? Because you originally said you wanted ambiguous setups. The technology has been around for ages, you can block slow reversals using meaty cr.shorts, i gave this example ages ago vs Yun: Forward throw > Dash x4 > which makes all upkicks except EX whiff or be blocked. Techable knockdowns are like really iffy and theres not alot of point in pursuing, eg. you get another meaty short on Dashx2 > after a Hk pinwheel on pretty much all of the cast and you can safe jump pretty much all techable knockdowns if they choose not to get up, but theres little point in that because your not covering the possiblity that they do tech. Imo cover the techable knockdown, then apply basic shitty oki if they dont tech.

Thanks mike for putting a dagger through this project.

I know this is an old thread I don’t wanna revive without premise but, I have an HD recorder and if still interested in this project hit me up with a message with details.