Knockdown property on air-to-air J.MP?



I don’t have video of it, and I haven’t seen it posted anywhere else, so I’ll bring it up.

On different occasions, with my Rolento against my friends Poison, I can get a knockdown (can’t remember if it’s techable or not) with an air-to-air Doesn’t need to be a counter hit, but it seems like it needs to hit on the first active frames. It reminds me of DeeJay’s juggle properties on his s.HP when it hits on the first active frames. I haven’t tried to reproduce it against anyone else, and I haven’t bought the game yet, but I’m just curious.

Has anyone else noticed this?


I’m pretty sure if it doesn’t land the last hit then it leaves the opponent in a juggle state


From the frame data app

“1st hit causes limited juggle state, 2nd hit has a juggle potential of 1, 3rd hit has a juggle potential of 2”