Knockdown shenanigans



One of the things I feel I need to improve at, is deciding on what to do once I’ve scored a knockdown. I often find myself not taking advantage of the fact that my opponent has limited options on wake-up.
So I was wondering what a list of Vega’s most interesting do’s and don’ts, after scoring an opponent’s knockdown, would look like.

These are some I’ve been using so far, and I’ve been wondering if people are willing to share what they usually do? Any tips on facing specific characters, besides the obvious? (Stay away from Zangief, watch out for wake-up DP, …)

  • Body hop Cosmic Heel > > EX FBA
  • Crossup (EX) SHC … quite risky, using it very sparingly
  • PoM (overhead) at max range
  • Use correct spacing > safe jump (> > EX FBA on hit-confirm)
  • After Izuna Drop > > safe jump (> > EX FBA on hit-confirm)

I use these very rarely because I’m too scared to get my ass handed by a reversal DP/ultra :

  • > > > EX FBA
  • > > (EX) ST

When I’m facing a DP-happy opponent, I sometimes bait a wake-up DP by starting FA, but backdash in time to punish the reversal DP with CH~ST.
Gotta watch out in case of Ryu with an U1 stored <_<;

Of course those are all circumstantial, depending on which character you are facing, and whether or not they have a super or specific ultra stored.
(e.g ; Shouldn’t neutral jump a character who can easily reversal DP)

So does anyone have tips they’d like to share?


If you get a knockdown with EX FBA you can setup a mixup game:

After the Izuna, do a Medium Kick ST and then you can do a crossup EX FBA , Kara throw or Cl.HP, works wonders against characters with bad wakeup and it’s even gotten me a trade ultra a few times.


If the opponent doesn’t have a DP or similar, I usually go for the [j. HP > cl. HP > cr. MP > EX FBA] a lot more then I should. I try to mix it up with [empty jump > throw] or [j. HP > cr. MK > H ST]. Hit-confirming the last one is very important.

When my opponent has a DP, things get trickier. My most common responses are the overhead from max distance, like you wrote, or the [CH > ST] from max distance. I mix it up using jump-ins and meaty cr. mk, but not very often against DP characters.

Oh, and if my opponent is near the wall? IZUNA LOOP ALL DAY! 8D