Knocked a part off a Madcatz Brawlstick PCB - harmless or a problem?

So I volunteered to dual-mod a friend’s BrawlStick with a Chimp. While I was soldering wires to the contact points on the main board, I accidentally knocked a capacitor (or resistor, I don’t know) off the PCB - it’s the one below the RT pin in this pic. So, is the PCB FUBAR, or will it still work? If it’s unsalvagable, is there a way I can get a replacement PCB?

Try just bridging the Solder and seeing if it works. Sometimes the parts of the board might function without capacitors. If it was a resistor however, you might need to replace it.

i thought those were the 0 ohm resistors in the bottom and it still functions just fine without them

Well, plugging it into my 360 without bridging the points, it seems to work just fine as a 360 controller. Now the question is if the RT functionality is busted or not.

I hope you’re right about that.

Well, I wired up the rest of the stick as normal and there doesn’t seem to be any weirdness from the stick, so I think mortified is correct in that it was inconsequential. Thanks for the responses guys.