Know anything about cars? Why does my car make this screeching sound?



My car makes this sound periodically and I have no idea why. I took it to the mechanics, but it wasn’t making the sound when he turned on the car lol, so he couldn’t really work on the problem.

Could use some advice


I used to have the same problem with my Ford Tempo back in the day.

I’d bet that your belts are worn. Replacing them should fix it. Or you could try tightening them like I did, but that…didn’t turn out well for me…


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when you call say belts, which belts are you referring to besides the alternator? I’m asking because if I take my car to the mechanic, I’d like be able to tell him which belt(s) to replace, or should I just tell him check the belts when the car gets cold lol


Look its in one general area.

Your alternator area.

My Honda had that issue, and I was going to replace the alternator because I had changed the belts thinking it was the belts. But I still got that screeching sound, so I took apart the alternator out of curiosity and it turned out that the ball bearing inside the alternator was out of place.

There is a ball bearing, which is held in place by springs. It falls out of place over time due to dirt, wear and tear and most people just buy a new alternator because its seems (is?) easier. When it does falls out, the ball bearing makes constant contact with the rotating part of the alternator, which is supposed to make contact with the bearing at select points to create current. Since its constantly making contact and its rubbing where it shouldn’t you get that screeching noise.

Or it could be your belts.

However, on my other Honda, we changed the belts, and checked the bearing because it was getting that noise. but it only gets it when the car is cold. What we deduced, was that it (alternator) made contact or the belts where not in place properly because the bolt which held the entire assembly wasn’t the right length, so every time the care was left alone, it would slide out of place.

BTW, there are two belts.

Alternator and AC belt. You can see both. You can change them yourself, super easy to do, and saves you time and money.

Don’t forget about your timing belt BTW. YOu are driving a Honda, and those cars become useless if the timing belt goes boom.


It may be late or you may know this after your mistake,


AC and alternator belts need to have at least .5 inches of displacement from a neutral state. That is, the length of the amplitude of movable belt at the center of length between each pulley should be .5 inches.

Any more and you run the risk of ripping the belt, or if its to lose, shit just falls apart.


I drive a mazda protege 2000 and I was told it uses a chain instead of a timing belt. Assuming this is true, I guess it’s either my AC belt or Alternator belt.


You can visually see if you need to replace your belts:

Or you just need to re-tension the pulleys.


Sorry, I forgot to specify this, since my Tempo had one “Serpintine” belt, I forgot most other cars have more.

Pedoviejo answered you already anyway.

Exactly, this is what I wish I knew when I tried to fix it.

And since the internet wasn’t on point with instructions as it is today, when I tried fixing it, I made it too tight and the thing ripped right off.

Good times.


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thanks everyone for your input


When’s the last time you had the headlight fluid level checked? :rofl:

Kidding aside, uhh… yes, you should worry about your timing belt. Well, not really worry, but you need to make sure it gets changed every 80k. So if the car’s really old, you might want to have a mechanic you trust to look at it. There’s really no way to tell it’s bad unless you look.

Considering how that belt sounds, I’d bet all your belts need replacing. Again, not 100% sure, get a mechanic to check for broken teeth/shredding on the belts.

Alternator belt problems can cause your alternator to go out, costing you $$$. It will also cause your battery to drain and eventually leave you stranded somewhere.

If it’s the AC belt then the same thing goes, only for your AC this time, leaving you all sweaty with your windows down in front of the hotties next to you at a stop light. Not a good look. Not a cheap one, either.

Also, one of those belts drives your Water Pump. You don’t that want to break, because it’s a costly repair and it could make your engine overheat and destroy it, an even costlier repair. Well, not really a repair since you’ll be buying a new engine at that point.

Belts are important. Have it looked at and have the timing belt looked at too. Especially if you want to keep the car for more than another year. Even if it’s fairly new, you may still want to have it looked at because sometimes when a belt goes bad it can ribbon and send pieces of itself into the other belts where it wraps around the pulley and eventually causes even more stuff to break. This is especially true with import cars (Hondas) that have balance shaft belts. Many mechanics do not change out the balance shaft belt along with the timing belt. They should, so be sure to mention that as well. This is, of course, assuming that you’re talking to a reputable mechanic in the first place. :tup:


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