Know this unblockable?

I haven’t seen this unblockable before, but then again, I am new to this game, lol. Just throwing it out there.

C.HP, EX Headbutt, LP Ball xx MP Aegis, immediate HP, whiff MK Tackle pushing under Aegis, crossup Headbutt, …

The standing HP, Ball, and Aegis hit at the same time, and your opponent falls towards you. You may have to use MP Headbutt to get over them. Unfortunately, it seems like you have little time to perform the guardbreak (at least to me).

This combo seems pretty easy and does good damage, but it uses extra meter for the EX Headbutt. I haven’t tested it thoroughly. Try it on shotos or twins.

how does that work?..

does the mp aegis hit? and then if the HP hits they can recover… so this doesn’t work unless they don’t recover.

The HP hits at the same time as (or just before, I guess) the MP Aegis. So they are knocked down by the super, and can’t quick recover.

If you want more time to guard break, do cr.Fierce -> EX Headbutt -> Strong Sphere xx Jab Aegis and then Forward Tackle while they’re still in the air. This will bring you to the other side -setting it up quicker.

Damn, for some reason I didn’t know this one.

does this one work on everyone?

Only thing is you don’t get to land the extra Standing HP.

Actually, I think the combo I posted earlier isn’t too bad for guard break if you crossup with LP Headbutt. I have time to land a Standing HP before launching with C. HP.

Another cool one that works on shoto’s is cr. fp, EX-headbutt, mp fireball into mp aegis, standing mp into rh knee drop, rh knee drop to other side , forward +mk.

If they tech roll, aegis hits them, and u can combo low short and start bouncing them agaisnt aegis (like cr. short, 4 standing strongs , charge partition ex_headbutt).

This does decent damage, but is really just for show heh


I’ve been able to telegraph jump ins sometimes and have gotten (midscreen):

MP fb xx HP Aegis, HP fb (they hit aegis again)

then messed around from there, but I believe you can also do an EX headbutt after that which should knock them over to where the HP Aegis is as well as bring the combo count to 6 so that they should not be hitting the aegis and should just fall through so you can just dash forward and mp headbutt over them and twd+mk into c.HP.

Theory-wise it seems like that should work and works on everybody just differs on the situation and timing (I’ve gotten it frequently though whether my opponents are scrubs or not, doesn’t really matter, if you can get it off) I guess it’s just for show too, but hey, it’s fun. Damage will be low on the fb to aegis bouncing but you setup for an unblockable on any character and you could probably substitute the EX Headbutt for a regular mp or hp headbutt which should be enough to get them where the aegis is for you to jump over them again and since they hit the aegis already they can’t tech roll.

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