Know when to parry, and how to parry at the right time

Hello all, im not new to this game, but im a parry freak. Im getting so much better on my reactions, but im mainly guessing, like, every time a player blocks my attack i quickly tap forward just in case he retaliates, but, parrying isnt all about mindless guess parrying right?

Any tips?

Don’t tap forward; tap down.

If you tap down, ur risking a high attack arent you?

You’d think so, wouldn’t you?

In reality, the vast majority of moves in CvS2 can be parried low. Almost all important pokes in the game can be low parried

wow so ur tellin me that the majority of pokes in the game can be low parried?
Walks out of room

only things that must be parried high are overheads (jump attacks) and standing medium and hard attacks

Yeah but the thing is, i guess by just tapping forward or down when think they bout ta throw a quick jab or poke or something, i dont know when the punches are coming…(thats way too fast to react to that, I MEAN HOW WOULD YOU KNOW THAT A 1 FRAME JAB IS COMING WITHOUT GUESSING LOL) but i guess, ill have to practice that, but nowadays all people do is poke and sweep, so low parrys are my new set ups then

the basic rule of parrying in cvs2 and 3s is to tap down after everything

im not even kidding

I was gonna ask about that, guess my kyo just got scarier x.x

WoW, , so, (last question then im through i think) Ex.–If i just did J. Hk , then Tatsu, and the tatsu got blocked, when i hit the ground i’d tap down really fast knowing that the opponent is most likely going to hit there, correct?

If i am correct , also, wouldnt there be a 50/50 chance that they’d do a super, after a blocked tatsu though? I luv pressuring and rushing people to the max, but they always end up specialing after a blocked tatsu, to stop the rush, then counter with a rush of their own. i tried stopping that, but it turned into a habit, i start looking like a helicopter after a while lol.:rofl:

Hmm… how about not doing the Hurricane Kick at all if the low shorts get blocked? Seriously, at point blank you can get 3 low shorts into HK Hurricane Kick, which is more than enough to confirm it (only combos against standing opponents, though).

YEA cuz usually when i do the c. lk(x2) tatsu, when the lk’s get blocked it happens so fast, i never stop to realize i could get countered, and tatsu anywayz:rolleyes: but what i should do is when they block those lk’s dash in for a grab, or when they crouch and do that unblockable(when crouching) punch.

option select is cheap.

don’t forget to tap down before you do a move as well

Buffering parries in poke situations is sooooo good in cvs2. Even better than 3s, because like Hav said, most commonly used pokes can only be used in a situation where you can only be hit in one direction. With characters like P sagat or Cammy, crowding them with parries makes them really scared to press buttons.