Know when to parry and how to parry at the right time

Hello all, im not new to this game, but im a parry freak. Im getting so much better on my reactions, but im mainly guessing, like, every time a player blocks my attack i quickly tap forward just in case he retaliates, but, parrying isnt all about mindless guess parrying right?

Any tips?

Gladly appreciate it

Guess parrying isnt mindless.

yea but i really want to know the right time to parry, instead of guessing all the time. Like for example- my opponet blocks a Yang 3 hit mantis slash, if he/she doesnt hit me before i recover, i’d quickly press down or forward , if he/she’d tried to poke me, or sweep me, but is there a better way to do it?

new players tend to think parrying is all done reactively by godly players, but in reality its all just option parrying and guesses, so you are basically using them the way everyone does, but be careful, because parry freaks tend to get baited. even parries can be baited and punished.

I suggest parrying between pokes. Do UOH, wait a second then option parry before throwing out another poke. If you get to know your opponent better you can probably parry on wakeup. If they meaty lots of low attacks for example, you might consider it safe to parry low.

so ur saying, for ex-(akuma) I do a j. hk then follow with a standing foward HP poke then wait for 1 second than option parry low to guess if their sweeping on a wakeup, or retaliation correct?

Well I don’t know alot about Akuma but I do know that if you’re right up in someone’s grill you can expect them do attack you, so that’s a good time to try and pull off a successful parry.

im a yang player, but i just used akuma for an example. Yes i usually get all my parrys in from rushing in close, parrying wakeups and keeping the pressure on them until they waste supers to try to get me off of them. It works most of the time, but im trying to do more than just parry an air attack upppercut, parry low mantis slashes, parry this than that etc. Its becoming a bad habit, so bad that i sometimes try to paarry more than i defend myself regularly.

Well, first off, if you were to land a jumping hk, there are better follow ups than a standing mk. Just an FYI

But generally the simplest mindset is:

  1. how far am I?
  2. what can he hit me with?
  3. Is this move a low-only move?
  4. parry low

you can replace “low” with “high”

If the moves which can hit you (in step 3) are a big mixture of high and low, then you’re basically in a state of mindless guessing. The exceptions to this are simply the art of the mind game. Really nothing special here. It’s basically “I know you are going to do <move> so i’ll parry accordingly”. And you really have to know the move is coming. Most people always say “i knew you were going to do that” when they’re actually just making stuff up.

Aside from that, everything else is pretty much dumb-luck parrying. Unless it’s obvious stuff like jump ins and fireballs.

Or unless you’re me. I’m known for not blocking (except for aegis reflectors and genei jin combos). And i lose a lot.

actually…i don’t really block genei jin combos either.

After playing for a long time I came to a point where somehow I just aaaam
I dont know, I feel the low parry coming

I just scream in my head

and I low parry and it works

I realized that whenever your opponents gets a little space they try to react, so they choose their fastest poke (most of the time a jab or a short that can be both parried low), so I react to it

I also got really jaded of cr jabs while Im mixin up GJ

yea thats the easiest poke to expect your opponet to throw at you when u have a certain amount of space bettween them. I also found out that, u can bait supers by doing sweeps that have good recovery time(certain characters). it works for a while, but then ur oppontent will start noticing your strategy, but, u can always change up your strategy, and once in a while use a bait, and they forgot that u did it on them before, and they’ll fall for it mostly everytime.


Learn to “red” parry and RED parry the most used shit in the game…

strong, fierce
short, short
jab, short, strong
b+fierce xx fireball

Etc. Just mess around at home trying to parry/red parry, and get creative. It’ll come in handy in clutch situations…

Usually it’s not bad of an idea to parry if you know how your opponent plays. Simple shit like low short, throw could turn into big damage for you, and you can do all sorts of shit off a “random” parry, like next time parrying high, or if you think they’ll try to be “smart” and throw you, you can do anti-throw stuff. Parrying is good…

Like last few nights, I’ve been practicing red parrying Q’s slaps and his SA1…it’s fun and useful. I think the biggest things though are parrying jumpins and anti-airs. This allows you to create situations that you otherwise couldn’t vs a more skilled opponent.

Exactly how i think!!! And i always practice parrying, Jump ins. Jump ins are THE easiest to parry, unless they know you might parry it and jump in with no attack and sweep you, but, i dont think they’d risk that.

Me, i try to parry at the best time. Usually id pressure the shit outta dem, then expect an attack or a wakeup to try to brush me off, but i’d parry it than continue the rampage. As soon as i see that bar hit max that’s when i do a trick i always use. Since i pressure them a whole lot, they’d try to special on wakeup, so i’d act like i’m about to sweep, then do a quick backwards dash and usually would see a special pop out, then after thats gone, pressure again.

lol empty jump sweep.

usually won’t work, since ppl tend to block low.

empty jump throw is much better.

Try this:

  1. Pick Ken, Akuma, or Ryu.
  2. Knock down your opponent
  3. Meaty Standing Fierce them as they are getting up.
  4. They will either eat the fierce (best case), block it (neutral case), or parry it high (worst case)
  5. If they ate the fierce or blocked it - immediately tap down. Many people will try and sweep or cr.fwd you.
  6. After the low parry you get a free combo.

If they do not sweep you, then you crouched for 1/10 of a second and can continue with your wake up game. It’s awesome.

Dat sounds pretty good ill try that

most people will throw you out of an empty jump sweep since most players tend to throw tech after an empty jump…

yeah this is pretty much how you’re supposed to parry

you can parry the stand fierce Low.

DanD that is perfect!!!

I tested it out on my friend(he’s starting to hate playing the game, because he notices im getting better than him, and he’s like, i hate this game where’s Cvs2, when i’d do the same thing to him lol) i’d dive kick, into him, expect a block, Parry(hopefully not) or a AA. Soon as i hit the ground i’d tap down, and i’d see that hes trying to sweep, because i parry everytime. But, cuz my friend is an ibuki player, he’d sometimes do the thing when she’d spini kick like 3 times, but he’d EX it, so if i dont predict a parry hit hit me before i come up from ducking. But other den dat im all good.

If the plan backfires, set it back up with the mantis slashes, teleport(MK) and pressure again. SHIT my Yang is lookin like a BEAST

Naaaah dont do exactly what DanD is saying
look (not flaming, let me explain)

Like the example dand gave you there are a lots

look, try this with ken, as a blocked chain, use cr.short then st. forward, after this just tap down. It works a lot, yeah buuuuuut theres a problem when you do this script based parries.
You become predictible if you dont… like, Damm I cant explain it, like feel it.

I used to have a whole theory for this
I call it the “After Hits”

After watching some videos I would do most of parries like the one I pointed or DanD did, script followed (by this I mean you just tap down after a particular move, for some reason your opponent will just poke after them).

They worked for some time, but they bcame useless after some time.

After some time I came out with the After Hit theory

After using a lot of times these tap down moves I found out that my opponents will know exactly how to bait me with them. I realized I had to understand why they poke like that.

The thing is that every player (at least most of them) is looking to have control of the round. The basic strategy for every game is not to fall in your opponents gameplay.
Therefore, whenever you are putting presure on them, they are looking for even the smallest opening to stop your mixup.

Heres when you use an after hit

Have you’ve ever seen Daigo?

Everyone say this guy is psychic and shit. Naaaaaaahhh , he is nothing like that.
He didnt read your mind, he made you do what you did and punish you for that.

The After Hit theory I found is basically this, You give your opponent an opening, a really atractive spot to stop your pressure, and you parry.

The parry is usually low because people is most likely to respond with their fastest poke. (wich is most likely a jab or a short wich can be parried low).

This doesnt work only on the offensive, when you are the one being pressured, you can give your opponent the idea that you’re just there standing, and then you see it, he is seeing you there taking the mix up like a bitch, and now, in order to make you stand still he will use his fastest poke like a crouchin jab or something like that.


You understand me?
You atract it, you dont just tap down just because, in these 2 examples you can see it, with Ken’s st forward is even more clear, you give an atractive spot to atack, but some people just tap down without knowing why, just cause they saw it on a video or on a post in this case.

Thats why I call it an “After Hit” it comes after something YOU did.

If you have these things in mind you can come up with thousands of situations where you can atract pokes, Im so hated in my area because of this :rofl:

I uploaded a few videos whre you can see that with my friends (since we know each other) we have to play reeeeeeeeeeeeal safe, so you wont see as much low parries as I would apply with people that dont know me.

Use this in your adavantage.