Knowing when to change mains

Got to silver with cammy but my hit confirm abilities aren’t quite there to go any farther and I kill myself with unsafe spiral arrows or execution errors. I’m thinking a character not so reliant on frame traps and perfect spacing may help me improve my basic execution. Any input? Has anyone else experienced this?

I have, actually.

In blazblue, I was playing as Tager, and when I got half way good with him I was like “Too slow, Taokaka looks fast!” So I got half way decent with her and then: “Too spammy, taunt combo is impossible, better play Valk.” I like that he was a power character. I enjoyed his speed and versatility, but you know, he didn’t have the same damage payoff as… Tager.

Transitioning from beginner to intermediate player is the easiest step in any fighting game. You see a lot of growth in just a few weeks, but then it starts to take a lot longer to see any improvement and it’s easy to get discouraged. It’s one thing if you’ve fallen out of love with Cammy’s play style, but the best way to get better at a character is to keep playing them. If you find yourself getting baited into doing unsafe stuff, you simply have to break the habit by finding safer moves to reverse the situation. Execution errors aren’t going to go away just by swapping characters, and can be practiced just as easily with Cammy as anyone else. I’d only change characters if you don’t think you’re going to like playing Cammy in the long run. If you want to “get gud” with Cammy however, that’s who I’d keep playing.

Yeah, there’s a tendency to switch characters are you achieve the first ‘burst’ of growth in a character because you think that your entire journey with the character should have that same amount skill increase. Like DeeQue said, it becomes more about you than the character you’re playing when you get more proficient at them. Each character will always have pitfalls that you can fall into, but if you’ve been having success with her playstyle you shouldn’t give up.

Good advice thanks. Ill stick with her couple months invested already.

I’ve felt that way when transitioning from Nash to Alex. I hit a wall with Nash that I was able to surpass with Alex to get to Silver. Funnily enough, it was much tougher to play the game for a while with Alex (mainly because Nash is much more versatile and safer), but after a while my play stagnated with Nash because everyone seems to be familiar enough with him to counter his play.

I think the best thing to do is just have multiple characters to master, and pick the one that feels the most comfortable for you to beat out matchups. If there’s a certain matchup that is just unsuitable for the character you play, learn a pocket character that destroys that pesky character you’re having trouble beating and you’re all set.