Knowledge storage vs Knowledge implementation


it seems to me that you can know everything that you need to know about a matchup or situation…hell you can even know whats coming and have a complete brain fart…what causes that? how can you make the mind quicker. Do you guys feel that knowledge in fact does = power? What my mind is basically on about right now is how knowing things doesnt really mean anything without actual experience/ play time. say that i sat down and told you everything there is to know about making a 3 point shot. then i took you outside and asked you to make one. crazy… so the question is… how much emphasis should one put in on learning the “book work” of 3S as opposed to getting pure play time? fuck book work and only play? dont play until you learn something? just looking for opinions to feed my mind…lol thanks :stuck_out_tongue:


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You must play so much that the choices you make become instinctual.

You must study enough so your choices are the best ones for each particular situation.


strangely people treat solo practicing (studying frame data, training mode, watching vids) and playing people as some kind of zero sum game and its totally not. of course its never the case that someone prohibits themself from playing people to catch up on training mode, but a lot of arcade players treat the book work as a waste of time. most of those guys suck. if you don’t know all the trivial knowledge about your character, you dont deserve to be good! and dont underestimate the book work! yuuki gets like <1% of the face to face play time that I get, but does the book work way more than me, and surprise! hes way better than me!


5 Star went over it in his thread, but I’ll (poorly) paraphrase here. It’s like working a muscle. You do what you must to make the muscle stronger. Add supplements to aid in the building of your muscle.


There’s 3S Steroids?


Cigarettes and ramen.


You have to know the game in order to succeed in a lot of really specific situations. Knowing all of the mechanics, nuances, matchups and combos gives you a definitive edge over someone who hasn’t dedicated much time to studying. Any good player will tell you that this learning process never ends. Even the best players who have played the game for 10+ years still learn new things all the time.

As far as what is most important, neither is more important than the other. That all depends on your matches. Are you losing because you can’t execute or react, or are you losing because you simply don’t know how to respond to certain situations? What you should focus more on should depend on what your weaknesses are. Always work on both studying and playing, but prioritize whatever your skill level requires at the current moment.


so do some people have more raw talent at fighting games than others?


Do you already know the answers to the questions you’re asking?


i have hunches…but sometimes it does me a little good to hear others’ views on things…arcades are becoming extinct and ppl who use mics on 3so mostly just talk shit…lol wheres my 2013 podcasts!? i just want to talk to my bros about 3s…


i wanna talk to my bros about 3s too lol

regarding talent, I think the only innate advantage people can have in this game (besides a functioning brain, eyes and hands) is mindset. for example, Ken I just never seems nervous or shook or anything! what an advantage! I don’t think this is something you can learn.


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Anywho, I don’t believe in fighting game prodigies or anyone who just picks up a game and they’re suddenly gdlk. Knowledge is one thing but a much bigger part is reaction and making that adjustment on the fly. All the book work in the world and know what beats what and when doesn’t mean very much in a game with parries I think.

But it all depends on how you learn too. I tend to learn by asking questions or re-watching a match I did. But I really think not just personal reaction time but being able to make adjustments on the fly is a huge part of 3S.


Ken I has the ultimate mindset. Stone cold reactions. Win or lose lol


Chris G is the most talented 3s player I know of.

Broke up with his gf, decided to main Sean and then kicked everyone’s ass.


It’s all about striking that careful balance between knowledge, familiarity and execution.


I want to play this guy. Too bad it will never happen :frowning:


some people learn through books. some learn on the job. some learn by a little bit of both.


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I think they’re used like feet are used in walking. Left foot right foot left foot right.

And generally, I find that I don’t really bother “storing” unless it’s a pretty bothersome tactic I’m up against.