Known2own's first online contest! GGXX #Reload online


Hell why not? its something different from MvC. :stuck_out_tongue:
If this is not the right place to put this then forgive me.


I made a post a while back here about about hosting online tourneys for cash prizes and doing the on a monthly basis, possibly.

Well I am willing to start one off on May 27, 2007. I Know many users that are in school will have the following Monday off from both school and work due to Monday being Memorial day and I myself only have Sunday and Mondays off from work anyway. And If I am not mistaken, Those that are in school might actually be out or starting sumer vacation.

Anyway here is the deal. Since we all now know that Guilty Gear XX #Reload now supports online play, FINALLY! :stuck_out_tongue: , why not let my first tourney be based on this highly anticipated fighter. To start things off small, I am offering a cash prize of $50 to the winner via paypal or a money order mailed to the winner. (if there are any european contestants involved, they must have a paypal account) If it has to be a money order, ill worry about getting the details later.

I hope everyone is familiar with Irc because on the day of the tournament Ill create an Irc channel for everyone to meet at, but if you dont have any Irc knowledge, I will make a web based java chat where you can use your browser to connect directly to the Irc chatroom. Just trying to make things easy, thats all.

So here is the deal, Sunday, May 29, 2007, 3pm eastern time zone, GGXX #Reload Online, The supplies needed will be provided and the info where to meet at will also be provided. 20 players max, winner takes all and earns the right to talk shit!

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