KO vs Daigo

Ownsss!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

I… I… couldn’t believe my eyes…
just crazy…
Daigo is fearless, he rushes down like nobody, he parries the Genei Jin several times…
KO is a machine, he can get damage from every situation, seems likes he knows 1785757979545320 ways to juggle the opponent…
too good

I wish my Evo 2K3 DVD would arrive…

KO got raped in the first set 3-0, Daigo is the best

Ken is cheap

and Chun?

Actually Chun is cheap

Ken is just too good

and Yun is just silly

but I still love 3s

what about cock knocker(makoto) hehe

no way chun is cheap ken and yun require some actuall skill haha

and everybody talks about izu and crap whomever makato players but I can NEVER find -any- vids on them. proabably out of all the 3S matches I’ve seen I’ve probably seen like 5 makato matches…

Izu is good, but Chemuru is best. anyways back to the topic, yeh everytime I watch the KO vs Daigo finals it just blows me away in the amazing skill of these two players.

p.s. chun is a bitch:bluu:

I agree she is. That’s why I use her cause I stopped using Ken due to I had to work more for my wins. Haha… I know its :lame:

I still play around with Ken when I feel like it (rarely).

chun recover fast and long range pokes

ken is a counter fag !!