Koda Kumi Av?

Hey guys,

Doesn’t have to be a really fast make or anything, I can wait a couple of days. No rush whatsoever. :wgrin:

I would like it with this pic. A bit big… if you need to resize it [which I doubt], tell me and ill do it for ya.

I want my username to blink in corresponding colors to the bgrd if you know what I mean, also.

Thanks a lot in advance. :lovin:

i dont do animations but i got this if u want it

that’s hot, man.

worthless is working on one too, so i’m not gonna put it up just yet.

but damn that is hot, thanks a lot :wgrin:

if you want to use it that’s cool i didn’t start on yours yet and seeing as this thread is here the request still stands i guess.

I see no problem