KOF 02 = Guilty GX2?

anyone else wondering why the hell 03 plays so smoooth online but 02 plays like it’s stuttering while trying to say “lag.” 02 is a better game than 03 but how can a faster game like 03 run smoother than 02.

BTW - I cant be the only one irritated by the lack of a Rematch function on 02 can i? What could of been SNk’s thought process when they decided not to include a rematch option. :xeye:

PS. IT = GGX2 because of the lag on a EXcellent connection.

My thinking, they made 2002’s port around the same time they ported SvC. They then decided it wouldn’t sell well enough after seeing SvC fail. When they ported 2003 they did a better job, cleaned up the network code and for shits and giggles tossed in 2002 since it’d otherwise never see the light of day.

-Bean I

While its nowhere near as good as 03 online, 2k2 still performs ALOT better than #R online (not saying much, but still).

when 1st got the pack I thought it was lag free & just me,but when a freakin fireball wont come out…:lame:
visual it looks flawless. no skipping but the controls are another story. I swear 90% of my matches are who can sweap who!

02 team should fired or burned >(
03 team should be given raises =)

02 is better than 03 but 02 LIVE sucks

03 is better than 02 LIVE.

Actually 02 live SUCKS big time.

anyone else have a big problem with 02 disconnecting at random? i was playing a bunch of matches with a buddy from another message board, and just at totally random times it would say that he dropped on me. according to him it would tell him that i dropped on him

LOL :lame: yes it happened to me for 1 day. I was playing a buddy and and it kept saying he was dropped. Funny thing is it told him I dropped but i kept getting the wins. But that only happened to me once.

02 is much better than 03. The characters are so damn unique. I always use my girls May Lee and Vanessa, then billy and some other guy. Call me wierd but they made vanessa so bad ass she looks hot. Bet she would whoop Dudley’s ass.

Lets say for $3000 snk could pay a team to fix the netcode or whatever and make it play like 03 online. Would u “Donate” some money inorder to help pay for the fix.