kof 02 vanessa

I’m a newbi in kof , so i want to ask you guys how to play with vanessa in kof 02

i was also wondering about her combos , the one where you burst and keep on doing alot of hits , really want to learn it

also what’s a good site or forum fot learning kof2002?

I want to know too.
I just started KOF2002 too, and somehow I know only how to play Vanessa.

All the other characters moves look so fucking weird and different from KOF94, KOF97, and KOF98.

this site right here, is just fine to learn kof. just holla.

2k2 Vanessa:

all kinds of different ways you can play her. if you start her, she can be a great battery, if you place her last, then she is your combofiend.

machine gun upper- hcf+punch - great for building stock, mash punch to get up to 8 hits. does excellent chip. best used early round when your opponent does not have stock, so you won’t get counter CD’d or emergency rolled. last hit does counter wire.

hellion- DP+A - 2 hits, juggles opponent in the air where you can follow up with an attack.

parrying puncher- DP+C - 1 hit, not nearly as useful as her DP+A. however it’s use i find is in it’s ability to super cancel, into her champion puncher(qcf, qcf+punch).

puncher vision(teleport)- qcf+kick/qcb+kick - teleports back and forth. use it to get around, and use the follow ups

follow ups to puncher vision- f+A - 2 hit uppercut, knocks them into the air for another move. can also be cancelled on the 1st or 2nd hit into any other special. cancel it to make it safe, if blocked.

f+C - puncher straight - 2 hit knockdown, good priority and reach, hella fast. causes guard crush, even still it’s kind of risky, most times you’re gonna want to do a move that has invincible start up right after this, like her qcb hcf+punch DM.

just a few of her specials there. you probably already knew them anyway.

basic attacks to abuse:

far stand C: crazy priority that people over look. i’ve beaten just about every move, DPs included. it’s my main poke.

low D: it’s fast and cancellable.

df+B: do this from a distance where it’s unpunishable.

jump/hop C: when you leap, throw this out very early, it stays out a great deal and can snuff out good stuff like Chris’ jump CD.

jump/hop D: long reach, use that if you’re out of range to land jump C.

jump/hop B: time that right, to stuff an attack when your opponent is waking up and you’re in the air.

here is her 100% max mode combo:
close C, f+A(cancel first hit), BC(doing this in the combo costs 2 stocks), close C, f+A(cancel 1st hit), hcf+A/C(mash C if you please, get at least 4 hits from this move before cancelling), to qcf+B, close C, f+A, hcf+A/C, qcf+B, close C, f+A, hcf+A/C, qcf+B, f+A…then finish with EITHER crazy puncher DM/SDM(qcb, hcf+AC), champion puncher DM(qcf, qcf+A/C), or Gaia gear HSDM(f, hcf+AC)

k, if you are interested in learning some more. like some tricks and shit like that, just let me know and i’ll post it up.

cool thanks for reply I’ll try those out asap

also do you(or anyone eles) have some tips for angel and kula

I like the female characters in kof they all have pretty unique styles and combos

keep it coming

also i was thinking of a team of angel, kula and vanessa , what do you think of the order

Cheers… I’ve only very recently picked up this game, and found Angel and Vanessa to be the most interesting :smiley: Not the easiest however…

Must admit I’ve been having problems with the c-> f.A -> hcf+p section of the MAX combo, but I’ll just put it down to lack of practice. I would be interested in a couple of tips and tricks though, if you’d be so kind…


what’s the timeing for canceling theqcf+a/c into qcf+b , have a hard time doing that , do i have to do it quick or is there a trick to it

the order is just fine. Angel doesn’t need stock so she can spend her time building it. so she’s a good starter. Kula can be played defensively or offensively, so you can use her accordingly from judging how your opponent plays after the first round. and having Vanessa at the end, she can play touch of death, using the stocks.

doesn’t have to be fast at all. just cancel after the 4th punch in the qcf+A/C.

i’ll get specific on Angel and Kula later.

actually, if you guys are interested in learning Angel and Kula, make a seperate thread for each. much better with it organized like that i suppose.

how about a kof02 thread for all female fighters in the game