Kof 03


Or what is known as the red headed bastard child in the KOF series. Almost universally hated by the faithful as being a broken game, with numerous glitches, and overpowered characters.

But I enjoy it. Sure, XI improves on everything wrong with 03, but it’s still an enjoyable enough game. It’s like the Samurai Shodown 3 of the KOF series, broken but fun.


i just love it xD rather play this than kofxi :smiley: billy kane is just awesome here ! and i dont know why but it feels much faster than XI… don’t u agree?


No, the bastard child is '01.

'03 is the game between '02 and XI so it didn’t have much of a chance to survive, XI trumped it in almost every way.

I liked '03, XI was too much for me.


I actually Like '03.

To Me, KOF 03 Seemed Like XMVSF and KOF XI Seemed be like MVC2 (SNK Edition)


KOF 2003 was a nice upgrade from the traditional 3 on 3 playing style (no strikers), man that game had it all… gotta love Ash lol


03 was good-xi imo was damn near classic


when the game was released, SNK was in serious problems, only for that, I forgive them

The game even share some sounds with SVC, also, the neo geo was in his last days, and they don’t try to make a big deal, because they know than the game will had a bootleg in only 1 month

Anyway, was a good base to the ash tales


Love 2003… just wish I had some people to play with on SuperCade.

I haven’t played XI but I heard it is great. Arguably the best in the series.

Last King of Fighters game I played seriously was 98 on dreamcast and that was back in 2000-01.
I am now getting back to playing KoF games found 2K3 then fell in Love with it.


Too much what?


To me, it was just too damn hard, too much execution, too much of my characters basically being ragdolls, too difficult in general for me. It’s fun to see XI matches from people who know what to do with the game engine.


KOF XI has literally the easiest execution of all 2-D KOFs.


xi’s execution is a marvel to behold. i could even do the hardest combos mostly in 1 try even on a damn ps2 pad. it was that damn good, soo fucking easy execution. and the funny thing is, with all that easy execution because of great controls i never ever had other moves come out instead of the ones i wanted. something i cant say for sf4, in fact dare i say, xi has the best and easiest controls ever in a fighter. i think even the crappiest person with the shittiest execution can do some prettyo dope shit in this game.


I don’t think you understand the dumb parallel you just made


The inputs themselves are lenient, but the overall package just fucks me.


you mean its just too much for you (tag cancels and such)?


That is exactly what I am saying.


You don’t necessarily have to use Quick Shift you know.
I personally prefer to save my Skill stocks for Super Cancels and Saving Shift.


I always got the impression you did, if you want to be considered a competitive player.


I like 03 simply because the controls are pretty goddamn functional. A little slippery though (too easy to accidentally get a super out) but overall the controls are 10X better than 98, 2000, and 2002.

When is XI UM coming out?


I’m on Supercade all the time, challenge me when you see me, I’ll play you.