KOF 1.02 patch is OUT for xbox 360


Maybe you’re used to playing Pre Patch lag?, I dunno man but I played it and all systems were go.


My second test of the patch went alot better than the 1st, I want to try it again but I’m pretty busy with work right now.

I really wish more people would post their impressions here, you, me and project justice cant be the only people on srk still playing this game.


I would play it, but Tekken 6 just came out and I want to play that a little bit before Dragon Age comes out.

I really wish this game had launched with decent net code. Everyone who would have played has been scared away.


Isn’t there a posibility that people who got the patch may have been playing people who hasn’t? People who didn’t get the patch probably were already online before the patch was released, so it may be safe to take that into consideration.

Wait about a day to make your judgement. I don’t have the game yet after hearing about the shitty netcode. I wanna make sure the majority agrees with the netcode.


Well, I had the sets with Projectjustice, I noticed the bit of input lag in the beginning, but he is all the way in Texas and I don’t have the best internet ever. Anyway, it was certainly playable, and I did have fun! That’s important, I wasn’t hung up on anything, I was really pleased and wanted to play more sets but alas, having a girlfriend is a fulltime job. xD

Final verdict: Win. :smiley:


Played the game all day today. Basically I discovered 2 things:

  1. If you create a room with more than 2 people and 1 person enters with a red bar the entire room goes nuts, in fact I can honestly say every room I went in to with 3 or more people played worse than it did pre patch(dramatic input delay, lots of lagspikes etc)

  2. if you create a room with exactly 2 people the game plays great, I still have yet to run into the elusive blue bar, but I played several people with both red and yellow bars today and had very good connections all throughout.

Bottom line: So far this patch is really good, but do not even bother making a room with more than 2 people. I’ll post more when I test more.


According to Ignition, the reason it took so goddamn long was because SNK fucked it up.


I made a room with 4 max named “NO REDBARS”

Me and another guy had yellow bars, things were cool, a red bar comes in and we refuse to start till he leaves, keep it going till all 4 of us in the room are Yellow Bar.

Played fine.


I do the same thing but these fucking red bar morons will not leave so I have yet to play a room with all yellows.

one on one the red bars I’ve encountered run pretty well though, just not in groups


I’m confused, was that during the first or the second time when SNK fucked up…


That was me. I bought another 360 simply to join KOF XII rooms on the 360 with a horrible connection just to lag everyone and to stop enjoyment of the game.


I’ll have to give 12 another shot now that I’ll actually be able to have fun playing against other people…


I’ll jump in tonight to play a bit. Something to play besides SF4 till T6 gets patched. That game handles like ass online.


Alright, looks like I have an excuse to try and play online again.


I just got the game today and it’s nice online.

No lag or nothing.

PS: Off topic but where can I find the best resource for character combos/strategies?


These forums pretty much. Some characters have been written up nicely on the wiki too. There’s still plenty of stuff to be discovered in XII.


if you can find the brady strategy guide buy it, its absolutely excellent and having never really played a king of fighters game it gave me an excellent foundation for the games mechanics and combos.


Wow its out, but the hype I had was crushed by time :frowning:


just felt like giving this thread a bump.

After several more days of playing I am very impressed by this patch. Every room I entered 1 on 1 was smooth, for both red and yellow bars. I even played a few japanese players that ran smooth(I’m from NY) which is very impressive.

I still have not had much luck with filled rooms though, in my experience the more people in the room the more lag there is, although I have yet to be in a room with all yellow bars(usually I have like 2 yellow and 2 red in a room and its sub par)

Still, if you set up rooms for 2 people you should have very good matches, as another plus it seems a lot more people are playing again, where a few weeks ago I couldnt find a match at all.

Hopefully word continues to spread, I would like to see this game get the play it deserves, I know now that the online is good I’m going to get my friends into it, especially given how crappy tekken 6 online turned out.


Well according to ShinObama the patch on the 360 sucks ass and Tekken 6 has NO lag from New York to California “LOL HOPE AND CHANGE” But seriously this patch is good for 1 on 1 and if in same state or in same coast is good for 4-5 people in the room with mics. Because of this patch on the PS3, I have about 700-800 matches played. I got my moneys worth out of the game though I only paid 30 thanks to the amazon deal.