KoF 12 Wakeup system help


Hello SRK.

Just purchased KoF12, and I’m pretty much in love with it.

Don’t have much experience with KoF titles, but I can manage.

But for the life of me, I can’t figure out the wakeup mechanics in the game.

Can some1 elaborate on the topic please or link a guide or something? :smile:





Hehe !!

I never bought a strategy guide in my life!

Thanx anyway:smile:


Thats what I love about life. You can always try new things.


Regardless of what button you press/mash when you hit the ground you will always do a far backward tech in this game (if you’ve played MOTW it’s like if all buttons resulted in a D roll). Mess with the “down” option in training mode (it’s one of the guard options) to learn what is and isn’t rollable. Generally speaking if you can roll, then you should roll. Otherwise Iori will be able to get mixups/pressure off his sweep and grab for example. On the other hand some stuff is untechable like ryo’s 6A overhead, and ash’s throw.

Also, you don’t have to worry about wakeup grabs in this game so feel free to get point blank and meaty stuff after knockdowns.



A question though:
No wakeup grabs apply to normal and command grabs?


yap… sucks for grapplers… only with goro’s hcf+C u can try it on wake up since it has auto guard…


What’s the unthrowable framees after knockdown, does it work like RB2?


Disclaimer: My 360 died Tuesday night, so I’m not able to verify some of this as much as I’d like to. However, many of the rules from previous KOF’s hold true here.

Something important to remember about KOF is that you want to minimize wakeup opportunities as much as you can (by using the safe fall). However, XII is much more forgiving for people who fail their safe fall attempts (or are hit by a move that doesn’t allow for a safe fall: command throws, slams, and so forth).

Many characters who had ruthless oki-games (Clark & Iori for instance) don’t have many of those options anymore (I’ve said it before, but it bears stressing, old Clark in the right hands will make you :crybaby:), which makes learning how to deal with them substantially easier.

I could go on further, if you’d like, and list what options are best in what situation.


You should seriously consider it. Especially seeing as how you’re new to KoF. After reading the first handful of pages, you’ll clearly understand the game’s mechanics. Not to mention the wealth of other great, character specific information in it.

Get the guide.


I might go for it.
Ordering a bunch of stuff off of Amazon soon.
I live in the M.East so i always order in bulk to reduce cost =p.