KOF 12 XBOXlive MIdwest MAtches

I’m having alot of trouble getting good connections on KOF12. Way lagged out.

If your from the midwest and looking to play KOF12 online, post your user name here and mabey we can all find some good matches soon.

Paul Nannie

Imma wait until the patch comes out that “supposidly” is fixin this shit.

I am all for some somewhat lagless matches if thats possible :stuck_out_tongue:

<------- GT

is that what the issue is. I thought it was just me picking fights with poeple half a world away.

But it does seem like no matter what the whit lags at least alittle.

Heres hoping for a speedy patch( the CPU offers no comp what so ever)

I played with a friend less than an hour away and it was noticeably bad. Still better than most but it was pretty unplayable.

I’m up for some.