KOF 13 (DreamCancel) Online Tournament 3-17-2012

With MLG and NorCal tournaments coming up soon, DreamCancel is holding a tournament online on March 17th (Saturday) to get players back into playing online more, and maybe decent training for the two big tourneys the week after.

Details are here: http://dreamcancel.com/forum/index.php?topic=2112.msg48281#new

If you’ve got any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask.
Also keep in mind, we’re going to try to have these consistently per month, so there might be more chances for good matchmaking.

Results for the DC Online Tournament. Over 20 XBL/PSN players showed up and battled on Saturday for a full 3 hours of online matches. Players fought in FT10, FT7, FT5, Ft3 matches and the winners were awarded points according to length (FT10 winner wins 4 points, FT7 wins 3, FT5 wins 2, and FT3 wins 1). Here are the results:
Diavle [6 points]
Constantine88 [5 points]**** ****
DesmondDelaghetto [4 points]
Angel_Shiranui [4 points]
Tofu3421 [4 points]
Duckator [3 points]
solidshark [1 point]
Nightmoves [0 points]
Rex Dart [10 points]
JennyCage [9 points]
OhSo [8 points]
Chnchilla89 [4 points]
Calibur753 [4 points]
SonicLord [2 points]
Mr. Bakaboy [2 points]
thec0re [0 points]
SummyG [0 points]
Dr. Faust [0 points]
CactusMomma [0 points]
trampbasher [0 points]
Visit DreamCancel for more detailed scores and to give shoutouts, feedback about the tournament and your matches if you participated!