KOF 13 questions

Hey guys, just wanted to ask a few questions. See if I can get some answers to help me out a bit.

  1. Are there any good tutorials regarding fight stick usage? I want to buy a fight stick solely to play KOF 13 on, and I have tried fight sticks before, and I can’t seen to really get a good, solid feel for them. Does my time more on a controller make me more comfortable to it? Is moving to a fight stick from a controller a big change, or is it easily manageable?

  2. I want to get a bit more competitive, so I was considering playing online more often, but a lot of people on this forum say that playing online is pointless? How come? Playing locally is more of a challenge, considering the fighting game fanatics here are more SF4 and MvC3 heads than anything else. So I thought online could help me brush up on my skills.

  3. Advanced combos. Any tips for them? I guess the general answer would be “just practice”, but I mean what do you guys do to take full advantage of your meter usage and perform advanced combos? I am watching a few matches online featuring Bala, since I love how he plays and he plays Takuma expertly(Takuma being my favorite character), and I am just amazed at how flawlessly he can execute Takuma’s combos. When I try… well… I suck. xD. But yeah. Any tips?


  1. Read the Arcade Stick and Execution guides in the beginners’ forum.
    SRK Newbie Saikyo Dojo Arcade Stick FAQ (Read this before asking questions)
    SRK Newbie Saikyo Dojo Execution Guide (read me!)

  2. It’s pointless because the netcode is terrible. If you want to play matches that feel like your characters are moving through molasses, then by all means. But for actual gameplay, you need to play offline.

  3. “Just Practice.” Other than that, I’m not exactly sure what you’re trying to ask. Do you mean to ask how we decide when to spend meter and when not to? It depends on a variety of factors, like how much life does my opponent have, how many characters does my opponent have left, how much time is left, how many characters do I have left, what character am I using, etc.

I would suggest just trying it out. Go in practice mode for about a hour or so, then go online and find some green or blue bars connections. If it feels extremely different and laggy than how it felt while you were training mode even on those connections then that’s how it will always be for you. But if you noticed that the lag is minimal and does not bother you very much, add that player to your list then keep adding players you feel have good connections with.

Honestly I don’t play online that much at all anymore, I have more fun testing things out in training mode and playing with my local crew. But if I really need to indulge, then I have to play online with someone that I know for a fact that the lag is minimal.

Why don’t you bring KOFXIII to a local gathering to see if any of those SF4 or MvC3 players would try it?

If you’re buying a stick be sure to also get it with a seimitsu joystick. There’s no reason to play kof with a sanwa stick as the motions will feel longer and are harder to execute in a sanwa. Most if not all neo geo cabinets in japan come stock with a seimitsu joystick.

I can’t recommend this enough

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  1. Work on your neutral game before you learn “advanced combos”. Whats the point of these combos if you cant confirm off a hit anyways? This is where a lot of players go wrong imo for any game, not just KOF.

Honestly this.

I dont play online at all, only practice mode, then go to meet up with some people I can play with. If you don’t have anyone but know there is a gathering bring it. I got a couple of players from a Tekken/ MK9 background to buy KOF after they tried it they enjoyed it so much. Just give others the option they may pick it up even if they don’t like 2D fighters.

Stick is all preference try them out, Eightarc is safe.
HD combos are just repetition and application by situation.

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Newbie here with some more questions:

  1. Any differences in the Xbox and PS3 versions in terms of characters/DLC? (From my understanding the DLC characters are: Nests Kyo, Mr. Karate, and Billy Kane.)

  2. Is there a printed strategy guide for this game in English?

  1. Nope…
  2. Not that I know of.

Lots of good KoF XIII info on dreamcancel.com/

thanks folks! yeah, was just looking for a cool printed one I could have out in front of me while playing

Why not just print out a wiki page from your computer? That’s what I do. It’s free and you can make the text size which ever you like.