KOF 14 not displaying right?


So, I just bought KOF14 and I’m having some technical problems with it. It doesn’t fit on my screen. Stuff around the edges of the screen get cut off, e.g. character names and portraits in fights.

I’m using a 720p TV with a HDMI connection. I can’t find any way to fix it in the games options, or my TV options. No other games I’ve played have similar problems. I can’t find anyone else having this issue.
Does KOF14 simply not display correctly on 720p screens, or do is there something simple I’m missing?
Is anyone else having this problem?


If you mean 720p, set your PS4 to 720p and set your TV to something like full pixel or whatever the equivalent is in your display settings.


Yeah, sorry I meant 720, my bad.

I found out that the problem is that KOF14 ignores your PS4 screen settings. When you go to edit the screen settings it tells you that not all applications actually use this setting. It seems like KOF14 just ignores it, because changing it did not affect the display at all.


My TV has an option to turn overscan on.
If I turn it on then things get cut off like you are describing, so I leave it off.
Maybe yours has this somewhere in the TV settings.