Kof 2000/2001 help


just picked up this game, and randomly decided (due to extreme boredom) to start a thread… i just picked these up for ps2… guess i was wondering about strategies for a couple characters: k’ (either game) and k9999 (2001)… k’ seems cool but i think i may b missing something cuz whenever i’ve seen ppl play him he’s a lot better than anything i can pull off (of course it could be my newb-ness at using him)… and as for k9999- he’s tetsuo, how could i not want to use him! :smiley: erm…hopefully some1 gets the akira reference…i mean he looks similar AND has the same voice actor…lol…anywayz, dorky anime moment aside, he also has some cool moves (although not many)… wondering if hes any good…thanx for the help


just going in the kof thread


no offense but its 40+ pages and covering more kofs than im really interested…but im really hyper right now so mayb when i calm down ill give it a shot… cant any1 b nice and just help me out over here? :lol:


What do you want to know exactly? :confused:


ok… dont know if there r tiers or anythin, and i dont usually go by them when picking characters but i was wondering how “good” k’ and k9999 r in comparison to other characters… also any advice/strategy on how to play them in 2000/2001… guess thats wat im wondering (basically i dont know anythin about these games)


to the few who may have looked at this thread id just like to apologize… i shouldnt have created this and have started trying to get thru the kof thread (on pg. 25) … again that was a dumb move on my part- i always hate those asses who post too many threads asking for information elsewhere… if some1 could close this thread down thatd b great… and again my apologies to any1 who bothered reading this crap…