KoF 2000 Combo Video

Several years ago I found an KoF 2000 combo video (I’m 99% sure it was KoF 2000). It was pretty long and had 2 hip-hop/rap songs playing during the video. There were no sound effects so you didn’t actually here the punches land and stuff. The songs were in English and some of them in another language (I think Spanish but I could be wrong). The video was a straight feed so it wasn’t a camera pointed at a TV or anything. At the time I remember I downloaded it somewhere, so it wasn’t on YouTube or Google Video AT THE TIME. They had combos from almost every character in the cast and before the combos started for the character, I believe they had a picture show first. I’ve been looking everywhere for the video and can’t find it. If I heard the songs again I would know it was the video. Honestly I just want the songs off the video >.> Unfortunately this was like 4 years ago. I believe their was a pic of some Asian guy at the beginning of the video (possibly the combo creator, he had bubblegum crisis Tokyo 2040 anime DVD in the background). CV.com is dead and I didn’t know where else to go.
If anyone can tell me and help me find it I would be grateful. Thank you.